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An Offering To The Gods
Posted by richard | April 30, 2012

The gods and goddesses of ancient mythology are big business once again, thanks to CGI-powered blockbuster films like The Immortals, Wrath of the Titans and many others like them.

But those cartoonish epics play like superhero movies, with a bit of otherworldy sex thrown in for the date-night crowd. It’s easy to forget that the characters depicted in those sagas were gods — the objects of worship, sacrifice and deeply religious fervor — and not just animated action figures. In the minds of their subjects 3,000 years ago, the sun literally rose and set each day on their command.

Victoria Holt‘s luxury lingerie label Fred & Ginger has tried to restore some dignity to the gods of yore with — get this — a ravishing, high-fashion swimwear collection that would make Aphrodite blush.

F&G’s collection is called Midas Touch, and it includes four one-pieces and three bikinis inspired by ancient deities. They’re all spectacularly sexy costumes made from glittering stretch mesh and shimmering olive and charcoal Lycra, which, as everyone knows, really is the fabric of the gods.

This is F&G’s first attempt to create a swimwear line to complement its luxurious lingerie styles, and it draws its inspirations from a variety of both mortal and celestial figures. It’s meant to reference the decadence of King Midas as well as the glamor and elegance embodied by Elizabeth Taylor in the film epic Cleopatra.

In terms of mythological inspirations, F&G offers three suits named after Greek deities (Apollo, Aphrodite, Athena), three more named for their Roman counterparts (Aurora, Juno, Venus) and one, Freya, named for the Norse goddess of love and fertility.

That’s the kind of mix-and-matching that cost me marks on my Classics final in college, but I don’t think anyone who loves fashion-forward swimwear is going to notice. Virgil and Homer might quibble, but up there on Olympus, Zeus and Liam Neeson are nodding approvingly.

Here’s a look at the Midas Touch collection, which you can find for sale on F&G’s webshop. It’s followed by a gallery showing Fred & Ginger’s Candy Girl line, their spring lingerie collection for 2012.

“Candy Girl” Collection – Fred & Ginger S/S 2012

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  1. Claire says:

    Such an elegant collection! I can definitely see the Cleopatra influence in the design :)

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