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Niki’s New Wrapping
Posted by richard | April 18, 2012

Leave it to Made By Niki to take an increasingly familiar trend and turn it on its head.

With its latest capsule collection, the award-winning UK label offers a new spin on trendy bandage-wrapping — a look that’s become increasingly common in everything from lingerie to couture fashion collections since Bordelle pioneered the faux bondage style a few years ago.

Niki’s Atomic Lace set makes use of layered stretch lace strips and modern control fabrics to turn the dramatic bandage look into a shapewear product — no easy feat, given the amount of flesh that remains exposed.

It’s also the kind of innovation we’ve come to expect from designer Niki McMorrough and her team, who consistently strive to bridge the gap between functional sculpting pieces and high-fashion looks. For a good example, check out the Atomic Lace sheer micro-girdle above: in addition to being a sculpting undergarment, Made By Niki suggests wearing it as an ultra mini-skirt. Go ahead, we dare you.

Atomic Lace is actually the third (and last) set in Niki’s diverse spring collection. Earlier, the label introduced Atomic I, a new set of fringe-based fashion pieces that build on last year’s winning String collection; and the mesh-based Atomic II set of bras and knickers with lots of trendy cutouts and straps.

The Atomic Lace group includes a versatile new molded plunge bra, a sheer underwire bra, a couple of peephole knicker styles, and the distinctive corselette seen in the top photo. It’s all lightweight, available in a peachy neutral and sugary soft brown colorways, and slightly less pricey than some of Niki’s earlier collections.

Here’s a couple more looks. You can learn more at the company’s webshop.

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