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Victoria’s Secret Hits Bottom
Posted by richard | April 11, 2012

Victoria’s Secret is all about one thing: giving you the goods to show off your assets to optimal effect. And when we say assets we mean, of course, asses.

Wait a minute. What the hell? VS is boosting butts now?

Yes, after exhausting every possible way to amplify frontal cleavage, the lingerie retailer has turned its attention to your bottom line.

You can see the results in a daring new video to promote the VS 2012 swimwear collection. Called “Beach Bums“, the saucy spot offers an extended look at the derrières of Candice Swanepeol, Behati Prinsloo, Elyse Taylor and Magdalena Frackowiack, who can now add “butt model” to their resumés and portfolios.

It’s part of a mega-marketing push for the company’s extensive “Teeny Bikini” bathing suit line, ostensibly produced to encourage customers to mix-and-match bikini bottoms. But it’s also one of the most pervy, hyper-sexualized bits of female objectification that Victoria’s Secret has ever produced.

Beach Bums is meant to be “cute, cheeky fun” (their words), although this time VS comes closer than usual to testing the patience of censors and Republicans (you almost certainly will never see this used as TV commercial).

It also risks sparking a backlash from women’s groups and feminist advocates. The video’s explicit, fetishistic fascination with bums is undeniably sophomoric, and would probably be deemed highly offensive if VS took the same drooling, spring-break approach to female breasts. (Whatever you think of Victoria’s Secret marketing, their bra promotions are rarely this crass, typically focusing on the models and the products while leaving the leering to the imaginations of their viewers.)

One other thing stands out in the Beach Bums video: all the butts on display look absolutely identical. In fact, in the numerous shots that DON’T show the model’s faces, it’s impossible to identify the models or tell one from another. Isn’t that one of the main complaints about porn?

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