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A Few Things We Know About GlobLove
Posted by richard | March 23, 2012

The Montreal newcomer GlobLove is back with a pretty spring collection that says a lot about how it views women, and a lot about this young designer label as well.

GlobLove was launched just last June by designer Liana Artinian as a way of pursuing a fashion career while supporting the non-profit group FINCA, which helps women launch small businesses in underdeveloped countries.

Her Spring/Summer 2012 collection is called Deux ou Trouis Choses que sais d’Elle … (“2 or 3 Things I Know About Her …”). With that idea in mind, here’s a few things we’ve learned about GlobLove:

  • This is one of a growing number of nouveau Parisienne labels that are interpreting French lingerie styling for the North American market. GlobLove‘s Deux ou Trois includes two style ranges that offer different takes on that approach: the frilly rose-hued Savannah line with its gorgeous girly ruffles; and the ivory lace Paris 2 p.m. set with its stunning, Damaris-inspired bodysuit.
  • Deux ou Trois has been set up to appeal to two types of personalities: the somewhat shy ingenue who favors the coquettish designs of the Savannah range, and the romantic seductress who prefers the bold fashion statements of Paris 2 p.m..
  • GlobLove is all about natural curves and silhouettes; you won’t find any wires their catalogue. This is a lace-and-mesh label that emphasizes both fit and comfort.
  • For a small operation, GlobLove puts a lot of time and thought into campaign promotions, which earns it more attention than many small labels often get. Last year’s Tim Burton-themed photoshoot was one of the year’s most memorable, and this season’s campaign (see below) hits the mark, too.
  • Every young label needs at least one simple, can’t-miss wardrobe stable to keep customers coming back. GlobLove has that with its Anais line of low-priced lace boyshorts with scalloped waistband. At $10 apiece, this item alone could do for GlobLove what the lace thong did for Hanky Panky.
  • GlobLove is growing. After launching last year strictly as an online e-tail operation, the label can now be found in lingerie boutiques across Canada.

Here are some more images from the Deux ou Trois Choses que said d’Elle … collection. You might need to brush up on your French!

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Sometime today, a transport truck loaded with used bras will pull out of a Denver storage yard and begin a journey that will literally change the lives of young women half a world away.

The truck will head to Chicago, where its cast-off cargo will be transferred to a shipping container for a two-month voyage to Mozambique, where it will be met by Dave Terpstra, co-founder of the inspirational charitable project called Free The Girls.

Terpstra, a Denver-area pastor, has received a few such shipments since setting up Free The Girls in 2010, but they’ve come in suitcases containing maybe a couple of hundred bras. Now, when the container arrives in June, it’ll be stuffed with 30,000 bras donated by women from across the U.S. and abroad.

Free The Girls has grown from a local, grassroots effort into a remarkable international campaign that gives women in developed countries a concrete way to create jobs and provide economic opportunities for some of east Africa’s most blameless and impoverished victims.

In Maputo, the bras will be sorted by young women in an FTG pilot program, who will then sell them in the city’s bustling second-hand clothing markets, where they can earn up to $9 a day — roughly three times the average daily wage in Mozambique.

All of the women participating in the project are survivors of sex trafficking who have been rescued by aid groups and are being supported in safe houses and aftercare facilities while going to school and trying to build normal lives. Most of the women were sold or forced into prostitution as early as age 8 and have little education or economic power. Most are now mothers, and most are HIV-positive.

Free The Girls provides a very tangible, very personal way for people to help,” Kimba Langas (above), the group’s other co-founder, told Lingerie Talk. “By donating your used bras, you can see a very specific return on that — a woman who is starting a new life for herself.”

During a visit to Maputo in 2010 before moving there with his family for an economic development mission, Terpstra observed the booming second-hand clothing trade, and the lack of job opportunities for sex-trafficking survivors, and put the two together.

He then contacted Langas, a video producer and a member of his Denver-area church, and proposed the idea of a small pilot project to collect used bras in the U.S. as a way of creating employment for Maputo’s women. Langas, who had no previous exposure to or awareness of the sex-trafficking industry in underdeveloped countries, agreed instantly and began organizing collection efforts.

“Modern day slavery and human trafficking wasn’t on my radar,” she said. “But once I started digging into the cause, it grabbed hold of me and wouldn’t let go.”

Free The Girls saw its profile skyrocket last month when CNN featured the organization in a series of stories on sex trafficking called the CNN Freedom Project. You can view the CNN stories here.

Almost overnight, FTG’s mission struck a chord with people around the world. The group’s website has had over 11,000 visitors from 130 countries and Langas received “hundreds of e-mails” from people offering to help.

FTG’s all-volunteer team raises money through donations and the sale of T-shirts, with 100% of proceeds going directly into its job-creation efforts overseas. The group is awaiting federal approval for registered charity status.

As word spread about FTG, bra-collection efforts were organized by women’s organizations, churches, community groups, retailers and individuals across the U.S. A trucker donated his time to haul the donated bras to Chicago, and a shipping company volunteered to cover the cost of the getting them to Mozambique.

(And for women shopping for new bras, New-York based retailer Journelle is offering a 20% discount on purchases to customers who bring in or send a used bra, and will donate $1 to Free The Girls for every bra donated by March 31.)

“I’m still shell-shocked,” Langas said. “The response has been amazing, we’re so grateful. And it’s coming from people all over the world. It’s the best thing we could have hoped for.”

The phenomenal surge in donations has also prompted Free The Girls to develop long-range strategic goals and ways to use its newfound profile.

As it manages its growing inventory, the group is looking to expand its pilot project to include more women, and aims to take its economic development model to other African countries where sex-trafficking is still a grim reality.

At the same time, Free The Girls is quickly becoming known for its advocacy work and public awareness efforts. The group’s Facebook wall has become a kind of notice board for political news related to international efforts to fight human slavery, and Langas — who calls herself an “accidental abolitionist” — has emerged as an important voice of activism in the complex international politics surrounding human slavery and sex trafficking.

“I never would have imagined myself doing this, but it really struck a chord with me,” said Langas, who had a 20-year career in TV production before launching Free The Girls. “I’m a very fortunate woman who grew up in the suburbs; I went to college; I got married; I had children. I had every opportunity I could possibly want. Now it’s my responsibility to do what I can.”

Free The Girls, she says, resonates so powerfully because women everywhere can empathize with the plight of millions of young girls forced into sexual slavery — and they can do something to help.

“Donating a bra gives women a direct connection to the survivors, rather than just writing a cheque,” she said.

The images below show participants in Free The Girls‘ pilot project in Maputo as they sort donated bras.

For more information, visit the Free The Girls website or Facebook page. To learn more about Journelle’s campaign, visit their website. And watch CNN, which was on hand today to cover the departure of the Free The Girls shipment from Denver.

Mint Siren’s Southern Comforts
Posted by richard | March 20, 2012

The campaign images for the new Mint Siren collection are so steeped in southern ambiance you can almost taste the mint juleps and hear the junebugs dashing themselves into streetlights in the background. Not what you’d expect from a UK lingerie label, but then Mint Siren rarely delivers the expected.

Designer Josefine Wing, who also art directed the campaign and accompanying video (below), traveled to New Orleans last year to soak up the flavors and textures of the Deep South.

The result is the spring collection Amor Vincit Omnia (Love Conquers All), which combines innovative styling and some new fabric choices to create highly original looks that will make perfect inner/outerwear choices this summer.

It’s a soft, cream-colored collection that is quite a departure from some of Wing’s darker, more urban styles from past seasons. (But AVO is not a total surprise: last spring, Mint Siren delivered the gorgeous ecru-toned Peace set made from ultra-sheer silk chiffon, a stark contrast to some of their edgier looks.)

The AVO collection includes a pair of bra-and-knickers ensembles plus some RTW pieces and unique accessories.

Although Mint Siren is a lingerie label, designer Wing is probably best known for her leather harnesses and esoteric accessories. For this season, she offers a deluxe version of her Capriole underbust leather harness with decorative scrollwork, along with matching thigh straps. The latter (which you can see in some of the photos below) are like mini-suspender belts without the clasps and might just be the coolest accessory of the year.

And for a small label that produces small collections, Mint Siren always seems to come up with at least one surprise that will have customers gushing all year long. This time, it’s the wonderful Alabama maxi dress: an Empire silhouette with a ribbed jersery racerback on top and a translucent organic cotton gauze on the bottom that will turn heads everywhere this season.

And for a mini-version of that look, try the super-soft AVO tank top with a pair of cutoffs and cowboy boots. And stick a ticket to Bonnaroo in your back pocket to complete the experience.

Here’s a couple of more campaign images, followed by some of the styles in Mint Siren‘s Amor Vincit Omnia collection (available for purchase in their webshop). And note, those aren’t cutouts on the high-waisted briefs, they’re adjustable straps — another surprise from an always-intriguing designer!

AVO Tank Top
Wire Bra & High Briefs
Deluxe Capriole Harness
Alabama Maxi Dress
Soft Bra & Low Cut Knickers
How To Protect Your Sexy Private Photos
Posted by LT Staff | March 16, 2012

Photo hacking and the pubic distribution of intimate personal images isn’t just a problem faced by celebrities these days. In fact, photo hacking has become one of the fastest growing types of identity theft in the world today, and everyone — that means YOU — is vulnerable.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never posed for a pin-up calendar or given your amour some sexy boudoir photos for Valentine’s Day, or if you’ve never had one of those “drunk text” moments when you tweet a shot of yourself in your undies to a few pals. Cyber-thieves, malicious exes and even mischievous friends can still ruin your reputation overnight by manipulating your image and broadcasting it online.

Are your personal photos safe? And what steps can you do take to stop from becoming a victim?

Read Lingerie Talk editor Richard Vincente‘s full report on this explosive issue in our guest column on Lingerie Briefs today. Here’s the full article.

A Little Something For Your Sweet Tooth
Posted by richard | March 15, 2012

Fans of retro pinup photography and vintage-style lingerie are in for a real treat with the publication of Diary of a Pin-Up Girl, a new book that introduces the work of UK lingerie label Frantic About Frances.

The book is a collaboration between FAF designer Jenny Mearns from Brighton and U.S. pin-up photographer Autumn Luciano, and turns the photo campaign for label’s latest lingerie collection into a coffee-table collectible. It features 20 pages of colorful, classic pin-up poses by models Go-Go Amy and Camilla Cupcake.

Diary of a Pin-Up Girl sells for £15 in hardcover and £10 in softcover and can be shipped worldwide in about a week. To get a taste of what’s inside, check out this online preview showing several of the book’s images.

Frantic About Frances has been around for about a year, and offers hand-made bullet bras, soft bras, knickers and high-waisted briefs inspired by 1950s-era pin-up girls and burlesque stars.

Its most instantly adorable style is the unique It Takes Allsorts range (above) in cream cotton and pink mesh with a candy-themed print and playful lemon bows. Definitely something to drool over!

You can check out FAF’s entire collection by browsing her Etsy shop. And while you’re at it, spend some time visiting the Decadence Dolls gallery of photographer Autumn Luciano, who has created a very distinctive and authentic-looking retro style of her own.

In the meantime, here are some more images from Diary Of A Pin-Up Girl that showcase some of the label’s fun, flavorful styles:

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