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How To Protect Your Sexy Private Photos
Posted by LT Staff | March 16, 2012

Photo hacking and the pubic distribution of intimate personal images isn’t just a problem faced by celebrities these days. In fact, photo hacking has become one of the fastest growing types of identity theft in the world today, and everyone — that means YOU — is vulnerable.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never posed for a pin-up calendar or given your amour some sexy boudoir photos for Valentine’s Day, or if you’ve never had one of those “drunk text” moments when you tweet a shot of yourself in your undies to a few pals. Cyber-thieves, malicious exes and even mischievous friends can still ruin your reputation overnight by manipulating your image and broadcasting it online.

Are your personal photos safe? And what steps can you do take to stop from becoming a victim?

Read Lingerie Talk editor Richard Vincente‘s full report on this explosive issue in our guest column on Lingerie Briefs today. Here’s the full article.

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