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A Little Something For Your Sweet Tooth
Posted by richard | March 15, 2012

Fans of retro pinup photography and vintage-style lingerie are in for a real treat with the publication of Diary of a Pin-Up Girl, a new book that introduces the work of UK lingerie label Frantic About Frances.

The book is a collaboration between FAF designer Jenny Mearns from Brighton and U.S. pin-up photographer Autumn Luciano, and turns the photo campaign for label’s latest lingerie collection into a coffee-table collectible. It features 20 pages of colorful, classic pin-up poses by models Go-Go Amy and Camilla Cupcake.

Diary of a Pin-Up Girl sells for £15 in hardcover and £10 in softcover and can be shipped worldwide in about a week. To get a taste of what’s inside, check out this online preview showing several of the book’s images.

Frantic About Frances has been around for about a year, and offers hand-made bullet bras, soft bras, knickers and high-waisted briefs inspired by 1950s-era pin-up girls and burlesque stars.

Its most instantly adorable style is the unique It Takes Allsorts range (above) in cream cotton and pink mesh with a candy-themed print and playful lemon bows. Definitely something to drool over!

You can check out FAF’s entire collection by browsing her Etsy shop. And while you’re at it, spend some time visiting the Decadence Dolls gallery of photographer Autumn Luciano, who has created a very distinctive and authentic-looking retro style of her own.

In the meantime, here are some more images from Diary Of A Pin-Up Girl that showcase some of the label’s fun, flavorful styles:

3 Responses to “A Little Something For Your Sweet Tooth”

  1. FÁTIMA ABREU says:

    I loved. Wonderful photos, 50′!!!

  2. Lingerie Manufacturer says:

    I think FAF managed to create a very realistic atmosphere of 50′. And the model looks like those girls 60 years ago. Bravo!

  3. Sarah says:

    Love this! Pretty colours, vintage style, graceful model! Makes me want to go to a fifties American diner in my underwear and have a strawberry milkshake! 😉

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