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Stripping With The Stars
Posted by LT Staff | February 16, 2012

Nicki’s done it. Ke$ha’s done it. Lana’s done it twice already. Katharine just did it. Lindsay does it every chance she gets.

For today’s generation of screen and music celebrities, the lingerie photo shoot has become an essential stepping stone on the path to success …

Another Mystery from Cherry Blossom Girl
Posted by richard | February 15, 2012

Everyone loves a mystery. And the biggest mystery in fashion lingerie these days is: why is Etam being so coy about rolling out its new designer collaboration with Cherry Blossom Girl?

Bits and pieces from the collection have been appearing sporadically on the French …

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The Angel of the Month Club
Posted by richard | February 15, 2012

The middle of February is a strange time to be releasing a calendar, but given the quality (and price) of this one, we’ll excuse the tardiness.

That’s an unrecognizable Candice Swanepoel above as Miss July in the first calendar from VMan, the men’s style …

Worth Repeating: ‘A Day We Can Frankly Do Without’
Posted by LT Staff | February 14, 2012

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone. It makes lots of people feel lonely, inadequate, unloved and forgotten.

Many others feel uncomfortable about the endless commercialization of love itself, or about the notion of designating just a single day each year for romantic expression.

Those are difficult …

My Valentines Inbox
Posted by richard | February 14, 2012

Back when I was in grade school, Feb. 14 was the most nerve-wracking day of the year. Just before the lunch break, our classroom became a free-for-all as kids raced around placing Valentines on the desks of anyone they deemed worthy.

It was great fun …

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