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AP’s Super Sexy Bridesmaids
Posted by richard | February 29, 2012

Quick quiz. The sweet images above and below show:

  • Previews from the R-rated DVD release of Bridesmaids: Director’s Cut;
  • Another saucy attempt to cash in on Kate-Pippa fever;
  • Sasha Baron Cohen‘s bodyguards at an Oscars after-party.

No, they’re really just the ad campaign for Agent Provocateur‘s new bridal lingerie range, following on the heels of the other soft-focus spring promotions from the sexy UK brand.

The bridal promo has the feel of a dream-like erotic fairy tale, and once again references the softcore porn visions of photographer David Hamilton (who has become AP’s guiding spirit this season.)

And if you think AP is deliberately toning down its pitch, you’re right: in fact, it’s hard to believe this is the same brand that launched its bridal range five years ago with a notorious campaign starring Kate Moss and featuring the memorable slogan, “Let Them Eat Kate“!

The retro-styling works for AP’s new bridal offerings, though, because the collection is filled with vintage touches and throwbacks to 1960s.

In the first image below, the model on the left is wearing the Honesty vintage corset, a silk taffeta beauty with a flirty skirted hem. And the inset photo (right) shows a detail from the 60s-inspired Teasle range — all ivory lace, marabou pom-poms and ribbon side-ties. Now we know what drove the men of that era mad.

There are six style ranges in AP’s new bridal collection, including a reworked version of its lacey Love line (bottom photo) and lace-and-satin retooling of its classic Sidonie line.

But we think the most popular look will be the new Snowberry line (shown on the right in the first photo below). It trumps traditional bridal white with a soft ice-blue tint, silver cord detailing and tiny organza bows. Super pretty, and something you’ll want to wear long after your wedding day.

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