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420-Friendly Looks from Dimepiece
Posted by richard | February 20, 2012

Dimepiece Designs, the urban streetwear label from California that mixes lingerie styling into many of its pop-art ensembles, is sure to raise a few eyebrows with an ironic, dope-friendly spring collection called The Drug and the Dream.

At least we think the name is ironic — maybe a kind of fashion statement in response to the failure of Prop 19 just over a year ago, which would have legalized pot possession in the state. Then again, Lotus Land still has the most relaxed possession laws in the country, so perhaps The Drug and the Dream merely celebrates that reality.

Whatever the case may be, if you’re looking for 420-friendly fashions, you’ve come to the right place.

Dimepiece‘s new set ranges in audacity from a bright yellow tee with the slogan ‘High as a Kite‘ to the cute MaryJane bra top (below) with a bold floral print that mixes roses and carnations with cannabis leaves. You can also get this look in a matching pencil skirt, cardigan and blazer.

You’ll find a variety of other dope-y styles in the spring collection, including ‘LSD‘ tanks and tops, and another series called ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ that recreates a Mickey Mouse image from a cannabis-leaf print. Not sure if they’ll let you into Disneyland wearing that one, though!

Whether this is your kind of fashion statement or not, Dimepiece‘s unsubtle street fashions are always a huge hit, especially on the anything-goes Left Coast. Lots of cool caps, beanies and sheer tops in the DD store now, too.

You can get in on the rush for one of the new Dimepiece looks by pre-ordering these looks until midnight PST tonight (Feb. 20).

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