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Worth Repeating: ‘A Day We Can Frankly Do Without’
Posted by LT Staff | February 14, 2012

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone. It makes lots of people feel lonely, inadequate, unloved and forgotten.

Many others feel uncomfortable about the endless commercialization of love itself, or about the notion of designating just a single day each year for romantic expression.

Those are difficult truths to face in the lingerie business, which relies heavily on the sales resulting from glossy seasonal promotions driven by romantic and erotic clichés at this time of year. The entire industry puts on rose-colored glasses where Valentine’s Day is concerned, out of sheer commercial necessity.

That’s why it’s always refreshing when someone in the industry pushes back against the relentless juggernaut of V-Day marketing.

The UK luxury label Yes Master — whose products probably made nice gifts for some lucky sweethearts today — posted a column on its blog today that offers an alternative view on Valentine’s Day.

Their article is called “Anti Heart” and we’ve reproduced an edited version below. You can read the original here.


The Sex and the City scene where Miranda and Carrie go for a single-gals’ meal and then have a massive falling out amidst a cacophony of hearts, equally insincere couples, patronizing waiting staff and twice-the-price-cause-it’s-heart-shaped menu to me at least sums up the complete waste of time that is the modern day Valentine’s Day.

St. Valentine was a saint who was martyred during the rule of Emperor Aurelius, some say. Others claim he was an African saint. The more skeptical among you would say it’s an American tradition, brought to us by the Victorians with the idea of increasing the number of card sales, sort of like a red nose day for lovers.

We are not sure when the panoply of tack was associated with this day. Laden with heart-shaped food, sickly sweet things with lots of chocolate shavings, out-of-season raspberries, pink champagne (well, Lindauer probably) and the emotional inadequacy of a teenage girl with puppy fat and braces rocking a rah-rah for the first time, this is a day that we can frankly do without.

Our gals are, from what we have seen, ladies that tend to do it for themselves. All of our customers (bar one) to date have been women shopping for themselves. We are proud of that and we kinda want to keep it girl-focused.

Our girl may attempt to make a heart-shaped pancake, but only at 3 a.m., after she has been through several chocolate martinis at the Connaught.

She may express her love by booking a trip to Paris at 3 a.m. on a whim. Believe us, we have done it.

Her other half, be it her or a she, will be more stealth than a trad red with nightmarish red roses in tow.

Teddy bears are a sackable offence at YM HQ.

We love to love at Yes Master HQ, but not for one day of the year. To us, Valentine’s Day is the amorous equivalent of a fad diet — it will leave you tired, empty, hungry and make you binge and put it all back on.

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  1. Cheap Underwear says:

    I agree that Valentine’s Day is over-commercialised, but then again it’s the perfect excuse to treat someone you love (not that you wouldn’t anyway…)

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