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The Lisbon sisters were born to be memorialized.

Nearly 20 years after their appearance in the Jeffrey Eugenides novel The Virgin Suicides, and a dozen years after the cult film of the same name, the five youthful heroines continue to have an almost hypnotic effect on young girls everywhere.

Parents (like me) of teen girls were deeply troubled by that movie, not because it romanticized the tragic destiny of Lux Lisbon and her siblings, but because it did it so convincingly.

Boys (both in the story and in real life) were baffled by what happened to Lux and her sisters. But girls got it instantly: how the growing pull of desire overlaps with a constant, aching loneliness; how the intimacy of family and friend relationships made romantic ones seem awkward and foreign; how uninviting the future looked in comparison to the exquisite, isolating perfection of youth.

The Virgin Suicides became a kind of template for the fuzzy, narcissistic agonies of middle-class teens in general and turned Kirsten Dunst into a celebrity reference point for a generation of young women.

It seems almost inevitable, then, that someone should decide to create a romantic lingerie collection inspired by the Lisbon sisters. And that that person would be Alix Bancourt, the Parisian blogger/stylist/designer who calls herself Cherry Blossom Girl and who reminds you of what Lux Lisbon might have been like if she had chosen to live: artistic, light-hearted, given to daydreams, and gifted with impeccable style taste. (That’s Alix modeling her own creations in the photos.)

The Lux collection is the centrepiece of Cherry Blossom Girl‘s second collaboration with the French lingerie label Etam, which is comprised of three style ranges that salute Alix/CBG’s screen idols.

The Lux line is a fairly large collection of super-pretty soft bras and briefs in pastel shades and summery floral prints, shown above. Look for lots of feminine ruffles and satiny bows, not to mention the matching print bow tie.

There’s also the Gilda line of black satin and lace pieces (like the sheer polka dot body above), named for the Rita Hayworth film of the same name.

The third line, Miranda, hasn’t been released yet, but it’s not inspired by Miranda Kerr or Cosgrove. Instead, it’s a tribute to the main character in another iconic film about mysteriously interrupted young lives: Peter Weir’s 1975 Picnic at Hanging Rock.

The first collection from Cherry Blossom Girl for Etam last spring was one of the prettiest of the year and quickly became hard-to-get. Items from the new set were posted on Etam’s website earlier today (and are reasonably priced), so don’t wait too long to get in line!

Here are some more looks from the Lux range:

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  1. Roses and Silk says:

    I love fun/pretty lingerie.
    So summery, I may have to invest!


  2. calla says:

    Lovely, but i’m surprised that you didn’t include Lux’s underwear with the <3 trip on them!

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