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Garter Belts: A Final, Seductive Touch
Posted by Melmira Boutique | February 7, 2012

Garter belts are often dismissed as unnecessary, or relegated to the boudoir. While adding spice to a special Valentine’s Day outfit, a garter belt (or ‘suspender’) can also be a practical, elegant addition to your wardrobe.

Women reach for cozy tights during fall and winter, but in spring and summer, pantyhose can feel like an uncomfortable prison! A garter belt and stockings is a practical transition into warmer months, when bare legs are just too chilly, or for ladies who require office appropriate attire during the summer.

Having a sexy secret under your 9 to 5 outfit CAN make a difference in your day!

A garter belt should not be too loose and is worn firmly, higher on the waist. A well-constructed garment will hold the stocking in place with a strong metal and silicone rubber clasp.

Resist the temptation to purchase a bargain brand — they simply are not up to the task. Some styles feature a built-in panty, which minimizes layers and fuss when visiting the ladies’ room!

There should always be a minimum of four adjustable straps, two at the front, and two at the back. Some styles may feature additional straps, others will have the rear straps placed slightly to the outside, creating a smooth line along the derrière. This particular feature works well for taller ladies or those with a bit of “booty”.

Garter belts are available for women of all sizes. Fuller-figured women have fantastic options with Empreinte and Prima Donna, which offer styles up to a 3X and 4X. Wider and high-waisted styles are not only sexy, but also function as the prettiest of control garments, smoothing along the hip and belly.

This Valentine’s Day, surprise and delight your partner by adding a garter belt as the final, seductive touch to your ensemble. And one final tip: put your garter belt and stockings on first, and then layer your panty over top, to ensure easy removal.

All great temptresses agree that the garter belt should be the final piece of clothing strewn on the floor in a fit of passion!

Pictured, from top: Simone Pérèle, Avant suspender belt; Empreinte, Roxane high-waisted panty belt; Marie Jo, Valentine garter belt; Lise Charmel, Dolce Desir garter.

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  1. Roses and Silk says:

    such pretty lace trimming!!
    I completely agree about not buying garter belts from bargain brands, the stockings slip and the belts don’t fit properly!

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