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Etam’s Dazzling Disco Inferno
Posted by LT Staff | January 24, 2012

Last year it was spring lambs on the fashion runway. This time, it was pythons and poodles and models in matching afros.

But those weren’t the most exotic creatures in last night’s spring runway show from French lingerie brand Etam, held at the …

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This is awards season in Hollywood or, as I like to call it, shapewear season. There’s so much shaping, sculpting and squishing happening on red carpets today that I wouldn’t be surprised if one day Lycra is named the official sponsor of the Oscars.

And …

Passionate, intelligent, self-assured, pioneering: these are all qualities associated with people born during the year of the dragon, which begins today and is considered the most favored sign in the Chinese zodiac.

Those are also characteristics often ascribed to Marlies Dekkers, the renowned …

Ladies, is your guy man enough to be seen in a pair of powder-puff pink polka-dot boxers with a tiny heart emblem on the fly? If not, it’s time to upgrade — either the BF or his wardrobe.

The product images above and below are …

Blush’s Sophisticated New Spring Looks
Posted by richard | January 22, 2012

Like many lingerie brands, the Canadian label Blush typically delivers two seasonal collections: a fall set of classic looks in dark and neutral shades; and a brighter, more colorful spring line.

The enthusiastic response from both retailers and consumers to Blush’s last two fall campaigns …

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