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From Catwoman’s Closet
Posted by richard | January 31, 2012

It doesn’t take much guesswork to figure out what inspired the first lingerie collection from the young Montreal label Love At First Blush.

The all-black Nine Lives collection is sleek, stylish and figure-hugging — just the sort of thing Catwoman might wear during her down time. And yes, those lace kitty ears are part of the collection!

Nine Lives is about the different personalities and characteristics of a woman,” LAFB designer Sabrina Chin told me. “It’s also about cats. That’s what gave me inspiration. I was looking at images of cats, superheroes and femmes fatales.”

And why cats? “They’re so mysterious, so intriguing,” Sabrina says. “And they’re creatures of the night.”

It’s also a playful collection with several pieces meant to be worn as outerwear, especially the Jewel and Cage bodysuits, which can probably do double duty as superhero costumes if your catsuit is at the cleaners.

Nine Lives represents a major step forward for a young Canadian designer best known for her S&M-inspired leather accessories, which you can see in several of the collection photos, and which have sold well on Etsy.

Sabrina was working as a designer for a fashion retailer, and producing intricately detailed leather cuffs, gloves and jewelry accessories in her spare time since 2009. Hard to believe, but those patterns were all cut by hand using blades and scissors. “It took a really long time,” she says. “It got to the point where I couldn’t fulfill my orders.”

The move into fashion lingerie was a natural progression for Sabrina, who graduated five years ago from Ryerson University‘s fashion design program (just like Christina Remenyi of Fortnight Lingerie) and devoted her full-time energies to Love At First Blush beginning last year.

The Nine Lives collection is meant to complement LAFB’s accessory pieces, with designs that include straps and cutouts that go well with the patterns and harness detailing on those dramatic cuffs and chains.

“Everything is made to go together,” Sabrina says. “It’s a very fashion-oriented collection. I imagine people wearing the bodysuits with jeans or high-waisted pants.”

Sabrina has been shopping her collection around Montreal boutiques and DIY shows, and hopes to find retail distributors in Toronto and beyond.

Until then, save your gas money and check out the debut collection from Love At First Blush on the label’s Etsy shop.

Leather Arm Harness
Lace Bra and Panties
Cage mesh bodysuit
Lulu Lapin crop top and knickers (see also main photo above)
Jewel bodysuit
Lace tank w/ chiffon and lace shorts
Lace bodysuit
Peacock Plumes leather cuff bracelet

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  1. Avigayil says:

    I died and went to heaven when I saw the leather peacock plumes bracelet.

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