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That Jean Paul Gaultier sure knows how to make a splash.

While the fashion world is still buzzing over yesterday’s Paris couture show from Gaultier — a suitably trashy collection inspired by the late Amy Winehouse — shoppers on this side of the pond can finally start lining up to get their hands on his new Créateur lingerie collection for La Perla.

We first got a look at Gaultier’s second capsule collection for the Italian brand more than six months ago. The lingerie set went on sale at La Perla this week, while JPG’s first swimwear collection will be available to pre-registered customers in an online presale beginning tomorrow. (You can sign up by following this link.)

There aren’t many lingerie designers who require this kind of crowd control (or who can command La Perla’s prices), but Gaultier is not a merely mortal designer. Most pieces in last year’s inaugural Créateur set sold out, and the new swimwear line has added buzz because, well, it’s new. Trust me, if you wait for these pieces to show up in season-end discount sales, you’ll be disappointed.

There are 20 pieces in the 2012 Créateur lingerie collection, which is highlighted by several very unexpected leather-and-lace combinations, and some coquettish cabaret styles appropriately named Frou Frou.

The Leather and Lace collection, in particular, presents an extremely dramatic look that stretches the definition of what we think of as “lingerie”. Those leather corsets will be all the rage in 2012, and the mid-length leather lingerie dress will be tough to beat on this year’s best-of lists.

You’d expect such a collection to have BDSM overtones but, in Gaultier’s hands, the result is surprisingly feminine, even demure. It’s not cheap, though: the ensemble in the photo at the top of this article features a waist cincher ($1,688), balconet bra ($633) and shorts ($563) — or roughly $3,000 for the set.

Gaultier’s swimwear collection for La Perla is something else altogether. Architectural shapes and geometric lines are everywhere and, predictably, Gaultier offers at least one corset-inspired one-piece (above photo).

Below we’ve got a gallery featuring the many of the Créateur lingerie pieces (and their eye-popping prices), followed by the new swim line.

Créateur Collection 2012

Frou Frou babydoll, $1,688
Leather and Lace corset, $2,534
Frou Frou bra, $704, and thong, $394
Leather and Lace dress, $2,814
Leather and Lace babydoll, $1,267
Frou Frou bodysuit dress, $1,337
Leather and Lace balconet bra, $633, and shorts, $563

2012 Swimwear Collection (click to enlarge)

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