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The lovely UK boutique label Beautiful Bottoms has built a loyal following over the past two years by concentrating on a limited, but instantly recognizable, handful of lingerie styles.

If you spot someone wearing pretty, gently ruched silk knickers and a matching print bralet with underbust ruffle and playful oversized front ties, you’re probably looking at a Beautiful Bottoms ensemble.

BB founders Poppy Sexton-Wainwright and Lauren Skerritt have wisely clung to that signature look from the beginning, while gradually expanding each new collection with some additional compatible pieces like wired bras and robes.

With their fourth seasonal collection, though, Beautiful Bottoms is showing itself to be much more than just a ruffles-and-bows brand.

The bird-themed Spring 2012 series is filled with sheer, minimalist silk lounging pieces that are simply ravishing — and destined to fly off the shelves. It’s an exceptionally appealing collection but definitely not one for lingerie-as-outerwear fans, unless you want to attract attention from the local constabulary.

In addition to BB’s signature frilled bralets and briefs, each of the 8 new style ranges features an airy little playsuit with string front tie and deep open back, and a matching shortie robe that is more provocative than functional. You’ll also find some barely-there camis and a sexy little number called a nightslip.

There are more surprises here, too, like the cleverly revealing Hummingbird shirt (above), an original look that is accented with a sprinkling of glittery stones.

Beautiful Bottoms is also known for delivering unique, vintage-inspired prints in its all-silk collections and the 2012 range doesn’t disappoint. But here’s another surprise — only three of the 8 new style ranges are prints. The other five feature a selection of muted monochrome hues ranging from the nude-ish Flamingo to the bold blue Kingfisher.

Perhaps the most revealing evidence of this brand’s evolution, though, is the new Swan range. The all-white set is BB’s first bridal range and when I first saw it (on the rack) last year I thought it would be too slight and simple for the bridal market. These pieces are so sheer they’re like a filmy gauze, with just a dash of sparkle from sequins and diamante embellishments.

Looking at the collection images, though, I see I was wrong. This is a new look for a new kind of bride: sophisticated but unpretentious, understated but glamorous, and revealing its intentions in a glance.

Here are some more looks from the new Beautiful Bottoms collection, which is available now in their webshop.

Bluebird Drop Back Playsuit
Dove Short Night Robe
Dove Drop Back Playsuit
Hummingbird Embellished Drop Back Playsuit
Swan Embellished Nightslip
Flamingo Drop Back Playsuit
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