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Hopeless Lingerie’s Graveyard Chic
Posted by richard | January 3, 2012

Most lingerie brands wouldn’t dream of staging a campaign photoshoot in a cemetery. But Hopeless Lingerie isn’t most brands.

The Australian indie label shot this evocative series a few weeks ago (it’s summer Down Under) and it’s notable for a couple of reasons.

First, it marks Hopeless founder Gabrielle Adamidis‘s first serious effort as a photographer shooting her own campaign. Now that‘s multi-tasking!

Second, the setting — historic Boroondara Cemetery in Melbourne — would be a bit grim for most fashion shoots, unless it was meant to contrast with colorful new styles or perhaps emphasize vintage designs. For Hopeless, however, the 145-year-old boneyard is a perfect stage for expressing the label’s dark and dreamy aesthetic. After all, this is a label that made its mark by designing undergarments inspired by campy horror movies (and which had a bestseller last year with its Freddy Kreuger knickers!)

And finally, I’m willing to bet this will be the last all-black collection we’ll see from Hopeless for a while. In a blog post that lists her New Year’s resolutions, Gaby vows to not buy any more black clothes in 2012 and to spend the year “living in vintage dresses”. And that’s not all — she’s also planning to introduce some daywear pieces into the Hopeless catalogue. Hopeless has worked with some interesting non-black colorways and prints in the past, and I’m betting there’s plenty more to come in 2012.

Whatever the new year brings, it’s always fun to observe the evolution of this creative independent. In just three years, Hopeless has built a loyal following with its distinctive high-waisted knickers, ruched satin briefs, sheer crop tops and some unusual cut-out styles on both bodysuits and briefs.

And despite that broad range of looks, there’s still a recognizable Hopeless signature: call it graveyard chic. You don’t have to buy into the whole haunted gothic vibe that comes across in Hopeless’s photo campaigns in order to enjoy its garments, but it sure makes for an entertaining add-on.

Many people consider Hopeless to be among the new wave of faux vintage labels, but there are some very modern embellishments in each of those timeless silhouettes. If the use of modern stretch fabrics and organic bamboo aren’t a giveaway, then the pairing with Doc Martens in the photos below should be! Here’s a recent look (above) from Hopeless that nicely captures the label’s unique mix of contemporary and retro lingerie styles.

For North American shoppers trying to find Hopeless Lingerie, check out — the excellent California boutique that was one of the brand’s early fans.

Now, let’s get back to the graveyard …

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