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From Catwoman’s Closet
Posted by richard | January 31, 2012

It doesn’t take much guesswork to figure out what inspired the first lingerie collection from the young Montreal label Love At First Blush.

The all-black Nine Lives collection is sleek, stylish and figure-hugging — just the sort of thing Catwoman might wear during her …

How did the creative team at Agent Provocateur find inspiration for its new Spring-Summer lingerie collection? By watching lots and lots of porn.

Not the depressingly unoriginal raunch that spews from today’s X-rated film factories, but the soft-focus, semi-explicit narrative fantasies that challenged tastes and …

Most artists are familiar with the timeless struggle between creativity and commerce. It’s one thing to express your inner visions on canvas, quite another to make a living doing so.

Rio Wrenn knows that dilemma well. The Portland, Ore.-based textile artist has been staging exhibitions …

That Jean Paul Gaultier sure knows how to make a splash.

While the fashion world is still buzzing over yesterday’s Paris couture show from Gaultier — a suitably trashy collection inspired by the late Amy Winehouse — shoppers on this side of the pond can …

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When Spring Cleaning Was Sexy
Posted by LT Staff | January 25, 2012

Canadian photographer Malina Corpadean gets an 8-page spread in the February issue of Fashion magazine for this wry, retro-styled editorial series called Spring Cleaning.

The feature is a great showcase for nouveau vintage styles from some contemporary lingerie masters, ranging from Dolce & Gabbana

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