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The Versatile Bustier: Shaping and Slimming in One Stylish Package
Posted by Melmira Boutique | December 27, 2011

Often overlooked, bustiers are one of the most versatile, functional, and stunning lingerie styles available. Whether in simple smoothing styles or sexy satins and lace, these lightweight, modern pieces are definitely NOT your Grandma’s corset!

A bustier is a fantastic alternative to a strapless bra. Many women complain that strapless bras fall down, but with a bustier, the boning keeps the garment from shifting—eliminating the need for tugging or taping.

For smoothing and shape, consider a bustier! Strategically placed boning moves with the body and carves out incredible waistlines. Gentle support and flexibility give the wearer posture that a ballerina would envy.

Pleasure State White Label – ‘Luminous’
Prima Donna – ‘Helsinki’

Don’t worry ladies, there is a bustier for everyone. For petite ladies (cups A to D), designers like Marie Jo, Jezebel and Pleasure State’s Couture line offer minimalist and lacey designs. For ladies in the D to GG cup sizes, Prima Donna and Pleasure State’s VIP line offer stunning options.

Pleasure State designs are extremely modern and edgy, perfect for revealing your inner vamp. And Prima Donna fans rejoice! The Madison (main photo above) is available in a bustier and comes in a stunning scarlet red that is perfect for the holidays! For curvy gals in back sizes 40-48 and F to H cups, the Dominique 8949 and the vintage-inspired Goddess 689 cannot be beat.

Goddess – ‘689 Bridal White’

Match your bustier with a pair of beautiful fashion control panties for a functional style day or night. A bustier can often be worn as outerwear, adding versatility to your wardrobe. For elegant evenings, consider Pleasure State’s Polarise, with strategically placed Swarovski crystals, satin and lace panels. Prima Donna’s Kensington in hot pink can peek out from under a fitted blazer or sheer blouse. Pair either with a nice pant and boot for a casual or dressy date. And for couture occasions, wear your bustier with a floor-length satin skirt and beautiful shoulder wrap.

Pleasure State VIP – ‘Polarise’

Consult your trusted bra fitter to help you best choose the style that best works for you. A good quality bustier will cost anywhere between $120 to $500, depending on the country of origin, types of fabrics used, and how much lace and extra detail the garment has. A bustier is an investment piece that should last for years; a spectacular garment that every woman should consider.

Melmira Bra & Swim Boutique is a Toronto lingerie salon. Melmira’s staff offers expert bra shopping and fitting advice to Lingerie Talk readers each month.

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  1. Avigayil says:

    What are some good Canadian online lingerie distributors? Most the ones I can find are Uk or US like Glamourous Amorous and the like. The shipping charges can be rather hefty from out of country sites so I was hoping we had a few in Canada.

  2. Liz Garland says:

    Thanks for this post… I love the Pleasure State White Label – ‘Luminous’ Corset very sexy.

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