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Happy New Year!
Posted by LT Staff | December 31, 2011

Our new year’s resolution for 2012: This year, I will always come home wearing the same undies I had on when I went out.

Have a good one, everybody! And if the Mayan calendar turns out to be right after all and 2012 brings the end of the world, for goodness sake make sure you’re wearing something hot like our friend in the photo above. …

Dirty Dozen: 2012’s Best Pinup Calendars
Posted by LT Staff | December 28, 2011

The pinup calendar is such a low-tech relic from the pre-smartphone generation it’s a wonder anyone still makes them — or buys them. Are there really that many college dorm rooms and greasy mechanics’ garages out there?

Maybe it’s their enduring retro appeal, or their sheer kitschy-ness, that makes them a perennial favorite as a (sometimes ironic) holiday gift. Whatever the reason, girlie calendars are …

The Versatile Bustier: Shaping and Slimming in One Stylish Package
Posted by Melmira Boutique | December 27, 2011

Often overlooked, bustiers are one of the most versatile, functional, and stunning lingerie styles available. Whether in simple smoothing styles or sexy satins and lace, these lightweight, modern pieces are definitely NOT your Grandma’s corset!

A bustier is a fantastic alternative to a strapless bra. Many women complain that strapless bras fall down, but with a bustier, the boning keeps the garment from shifting—eliminating the …

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This One’s For You, Santa
Posted by LT Staff | December 24, 2011

Here’s a Christmas treat to all our friends and followers, with a little help below from Kylie Minogue. We’ll be back in a few days!

ps. That’s Viktoria Halenarova and Marloes Horst above, in the Christmas lookbook for the Swiss retailer Manor.

Get More LT on LingerieBriefs.com
Posted by LT Staff | December 23, 2011

What an honour! Lingerie Talk was recently invited to join Ellen Lewis‘ smashing new website LingerieBriefs.com as a regular columnist. You can read our first column here, and be sure to get familiar with Ellen’s other contributing writers while you’re browsing the new site.

As most people know, Ellen is a legendary figure in the intimates industry who has contributed to numerous brands …

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