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Say what you will about The Lake and Stars, they sure know how to get people talking.

As we reported yesterday, the New York lingerie label’s most recent photoshoot, featuring a mother-daughter model duo, has sparked a growing controversy discussion about the appropriateness …

A Supernova Named Niki
Posted by richard | November 15, 2011

Just when you thought there would be no more surprises on the fashion lingerie calendar this year, along comes red-hot UK indie label Made By Niki with one more stunning turn in the spotlight.

Designer Niki McMorrough surprised everyone this week by rushing her Spring …

Family Values: The Lake & Stars Hit Another Hot Button
Posted by richard | November 14, 2011

Most women learned about lingerie from their mothers. It’s one of the countless intimate threads that bind a mother and child together.

So it’s a bit baffling to see the “controversy” generated by these images from the fall campaign by The Lake and Stars, …

‘Girl Panic’: Spot the Labels
Posted by richard | November 14, 2011

How many luxe lingerie brands can you spot in the epic new video ‘Girl Panic‘ from Duran Duran? You can’t miss Bordelle (watch for their iconic Angel dress!), Dolce & Gabbana gets major air time, and Marlies Dekkers is in there too. …

The Lake & Stars Create A Must-See, Post-Modern Peep Show
Posted by richard | November 11, 2011

Some people who go looking for The Lake and Stars‘ new retail space in New York’s Soho district will probably keep walking past the non-descript gray building, thinking: “Nah, THAT can’t be it!”

There are no sexy undies in the window, no flashy sign, …

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