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Something To Remember This Season
Posted by LT Staff | November 21, 2011

There are plenty of ‘Occupy Christmas‘ message boards popping up on Facebook and other social networks. Though the messages vary, all of them are trying to convert the energy from the ongoing protest actions into something tangible as the Christmas consumer splurge bears down on us.

One FB group urges followers to “spend only 1%” of your normal Christmas budget this season — though that seems destined to disappoint your family and friends more than Wall Street tycoons. Others urge people to “buy American” this holiday, which seems more pragmatic.

The image above, oddly, comes from an Australian group that is piggybacking on the Occupy movement to encourage people to patronize independent retailers. Good on ya, mates!

For lingerie shoppers, that means bypassing Target and Victoria WhatsHerName and taking the time to find one of the hundreds of premium, independent retail boutiques that keep this industry strong.

You’ll get much more knowledgeable help from store staff and, besides, the lineups will be much shorter.

What do the subjects in the much-discussed mother-daughter lingerie photoshoot have to say about the still-swirling controversy that has made them instantly recognizable?

We reached out to Johanna Methusalemsdottir, the Brooklyn jewelry designer who posed with her 19-year-old daughter India Menuez for the stark, three-image series promoting the fall lingerie collection from The Lake and Stars. Here’s what she told us:

“As much as I am tempted to respond to all the slandering me and my first born have endured this week, I have chosen to rise above it.┬áIt is very easy to bully people from behind a keyboard where you don’t have to answer for yourself … but people should just keep in mind that words can hurt very much and as a mother that is probably what upsets me the most.

“As for the campaign itself, it is a very well art-directed and conceptual campaign and every pose was very well thought out. I feel that the images are beautiful and don’t feel the need to defend them.”

Her daughter, she adds, “honestly does not care what these people think.”

Johanna and India are next-door neighbours of Maayan Zilberman, one of the founders of The Lake and Stars, which frequently uses (and supports) people from its broad network of creative friends in its projects. They’re not professional models, but when their mom-child relationship was revealed last week on style site Refinery29.com and then Huffington Post, it triggered an outpouring of hostility from readers and bloggers who found the images offensive.

We published a sample of comments earlier this week, and The Lake and Stars have kept their followers up to date by posting more outrageous clips from The Today Show and Fox News, which reported one expert’s ridiculous Freudian spin on the whole thing — including the “phallic” cactus in one of the photos.

Not all the feedback has been so venomous, though. Dutch impressionist painter Nop Briex turned one of the photos into a painting, which you can see here.

This episode has sparked quite a backlash against The Lake & Stars by the kind of people who probably wouldn’t be interested in their fun, thoughtful fashions in the first place. And, sadly, it could also have a chilling effect on other creative fashion types who might otherwise be inclined to try bolder marketing strategies — but don’t want to incur a backlash from Tea Party fashionistas.

But if anyone’s been genuinely hurt by this controversy, it’s probably India, the pretty redhead in the photos who is an aspiring film actress and art school student and not the sort of person you’d expect to see getting trashed by Kathy Lee Gifford. India has already starred in the indie short film Crocker and has modeled for her mother’s beautiful jewelry label KRIA — even in her undies. Strangely, no one complained.

Here are some more images from Kria’s 2011 collection Crustacean, for no other reason than both Johanna and India deserved to be noticed for the right reasons.

NOTES: The candid photo in the middle of this article is of Johanna and India, at the opening last week of The Lake and Stars new pop-up shop on Walker Street just south of Canal in New York. The shop is open for one more week.

Kria‘s unique, elemental designs can be found at a number of NYC boutiques or through their webshop.

The Lake and Stars are hosting a party tomorrow (Nov. 19, 4-6 p.m.) at their store to showcase the work of another NYC indie undies label, TEN. That’s what friends do.

There are many different ways to market your brand online, but it takes of lot of ingenuity to get noticed.

Tania Semper, who runs the Montreal-based style guide eFashionista.ca, decided to take matters into her own hands and stage her own photoshoots and “style events” to promote her luxury concierge services.

These gorgeous images, from a series called Alice in Sugarland, show what she’s capable of.

Partnering with Liya Amar from the luxurious Israeli lingerie label La Lilouche, eFashionista staged a super-sweet photoshoot inside the new Montreal cake shop Gateaulogie. The photos are meant to help launch both the high-end bakery and eFashionista’s upcoming online shop, which will include the elaborate ‘fascinators’ (ie. headbands) seen here.

Tania, 30, has been working on eFashionista for over two years, but it’s been her series of signature photoshoots, videos and events — including a high-fashion afternoon tea — that have brought her the most attention. And, judging by the look of the photos, the most fun, too.

eFashionista promotes itself as an online Rolodex for the “everyday princess”, helping connect women with unique products, shops and services that cater to discriminating tastes.

“Being an ‘everyday princess’ myself, I knew early on that I would one day own a company that would allow me to work with nothing but the best professionals, use the most unique products, meet wonderful people and do what I love, every single day,” Tania told us.

Her unique approach sometimes means it’s not immediately clear what, if anything, is being marketed. A good example is an earlier photoshoot that eFashionista did called “A Day in the Life of an Everyday Princess“. It featured lingerie from La Lilouche (above) plus the unmistakable ruffles and bows of Toad Lillie (below), set in one of Mimi & Coco‘s high-end Montreal boutiques. If you’re given to occasional bouts of self-indulgence, you’ll want everything you see here.

Here’s the rest of the Alice in Sugarland series below; a companion video will be available tomorrow on eFashionista’s site and Facebook page.

Just remember, too many of those tempting cupcakes might spoil the flattering effects of all those gorgeous garments!

Wish you could pull off the Pink/RiRi/Gwen rocker chick look … but just for a night? Wish you could find a cool slogan to adorn your bod, but you don’t know what to say … and you don’t want to be sporting a snippet from The Prophet (or, god forbid, Twilight) for the rest of your life?

Then you’re going to love Tatu Couture, a so-new-it-squeaks label from Britain that cleverly combines faux tattoo prints with mesh and stretch fabrics to create — at least from a distance — the illusion of inked skin.

This idea has hot-trend-of-the-year written all over it (pardon that pun), although the concept is not entirely new. The Scottish label Bebaroque scored a huge hit earlier this year with its line of tattooed bodysuits and hosiery, and Andres Sarda turned heads this fall with its “dragon tattoo” print.

Tatu Couture takes a more basic approach to achieve the same effect. Designer Luisa Sidoli begins with a collection of very on-trend graphic bodywear pieces that would probably find a home in the lingerie market on their own. Each piece, though, includes various tattoo graphics imprinted on semi-sheer panels (available in nude and a dark skin tone) to create a trompe l’oeil effect.

Some pieces are printed with strategically placed, calligraphed slogans like “we love only what we do not wholly possess“, while others have elaborate floral prints, like the chrysanthemums on the Talitha bodysuit above.

The prints themselves were designed in collaboration with professional tattoo artists to ensure they are as authentic as possible, the company says.

Tatu Couture will begin selling online on Nov. 22, but you can check out the 8-piece collection on their website now.

But will faux tattooed lingerie catch on? I have some doubt whether the company’s two shades will be enough to match the skin tones on a broad range of women, an issue that future collections might address.

But don’t bet against Tatu Couture. Designer Sidoli has worked for a number of high street brands and was head designer for UK erotic powerhouse Ann Summers, which gives the new label an impressive pedigree to build on.

Personally, I’ve been looking for something like this since I saw Howard Wolowitz sporting fake tattoo-printed sleeves while visiting a goth club on Big Bang Theory. Maybe TC will consider a men’s line?

Here’s a look at their debut collection:

LISBETH boyshort
ANAIS basque
TALITHA bodysuit
MARLENE bandeau/body
LA VIE EN ROSE bodysuit
LILI high-waisted brief
Stella McCartney 2012: Growing Nicely
Posted by amy | November 16, 2011

The announcement of a new lingerie collection from Stella McCartney is always cause for excitement, even if it’s not, ahem, entirely new.

Stella’s parent company, Bendon, this week released the lookbook for what it’s calling the spring-summer 2012 collection, although a number of its styles showed up at retailers some months ago, billed as the fall 2011 collection. And Stella’s own website is still showcasing last spring’s set.

This may cause some confusion to people who keep track of such things, but does it really matter? What’s important is that Stella is back with another set of impeccably styled sets and garments, so women around the world can stop holding their collective breath.

And yes, much of the 2012 collection is new, while some style ranges from previous collection have been brought back with new colorways, detailing and additional pieces.

Altogether there are 14 style ranges in the collection, but that includes the bridal range Josephine Marrying that debuted this summer, and recent charmers like last year’s wonderful Elodie Hopping set and Sam Partying (with its to-die-for playsuit!)

Among the many highlights you’ll see below, we loved the very fashion-forward Anna Glowing range, the coral Jane Snuggling racerback bra, and the lovely vintage floral print in the new Ilda Driving range, which looks like it could double as beachwear. (The top photo above shows the nude Maria Bouncing bustier and lacey brief.)

Stella’s color palette for 2012 leans toward the understated, with a lot of rose, salmon, stone and nude hues — plus the perfect creamy blush shade of the Josephine bridal grouping.

As for styles, throughout the collection you’ll find garments for every occasion — shorts, bustiers, chemises, soft and wired bras and more. Whether your tastes run toward lacey feminine smalls or trend-conscious mesh-and-metal, you’ll find it here. Not bad for a label that’s barely three years old.

Let’s face it: you could fill your entire wardrobe with Stella McCartney. It’s fashionable without being too showy, pretty without being girlish or juvenile. And, of course, there are those silly-but-lovable style names that everyone loves to talk about!

Here are some images and style names from the 2012 collection, modeled by Belarussian beauty Katsia Zingarevich:

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