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Fred & Ginger Take In The Ballet
Posted by richard | November 29, 2011

If the Ballets Russes were around today, you’d probably still spend years — and a small mortgage — trying to get tickets.

Sergei Diaghilev’s groundbreaking company literally set the stage for modern dance, and public performance in general, a century ago. After his death in 1929, the influence of the Ballets Russes spread throughout the many artistic and cultural shifts of the 20th century, sometimes revealing itself in the most unlikely places.

A wonderful example of the enduring romance of this golden age can be seen in the opulent Ballet lingerie collection from UK luxury label Fred & Ginger (and yes, even Fred Astaire was an artistic descendant of Diaghilev!).

F&G founder Victoria Holt has obviously found a theme that inspires her in the fabled stories of the Russian ballet, and she’s spared no effort in trying to recreate that era and that aura.

The Ballet collection for AW2011-12 comprises 10 pieces, featuring plenty of Italian lace and French silk satin, plus pearl and crystal accents in strategic places. It’s a gushingly romantic set meant to accent soft curves in gentle hues like soft pink and champagne.

Below are a couple of highlights to savor: The elegant one-piece Valeryia playsuit in thin, glittering chiffon with a satin tie; and the lace-and-satin Lilia bodysuit, which features a pearl fastening that turns a simple piece into a statement in luxury.

There’s lots more to drool over in the campaign images below, which also do a great job of capturing the sumptuous extravagance of old Russia.

For U.S. shoppers, the best place to find Fred & Ginger is on their webshop; in the UK, you can find these pieces in Selfridges and luxury retail boutiques.

Now, go channel your inner Pavlova and dance the night away!

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