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Sonata’s Cruel Temptations
Posted by richard | November 23, 2011

Sonata Rapalyte creates undergarments that are so precious some precautions are required.

Before your drooling amour enters your lair, make him agree to some basic ground rules. No ripping, no biting, no animalistic rough-n-tumble. Trim those finger and toenails and — attention biters! — think about having your bicuspids filed down.

These are boudoir fashions to be appreciated, savored and eventually discarded with care. There’s a reason they call them delicates, you know.

But good luck getting him to play along. Sonata’s new collection, called Belle Epoque, is almost cruelly tempting.

There are seven very grown-up but girly style ranges, all comprised of barely-there lace, slinky silks and satin, and plenty of tantalizing buttons, bows and peek-a-boo openings.

Belle Epoque picks up where last spring’s Ultraviolet collection left off, with Sonata fine-tuning her signature details and silhouettes.

The glorious see-through Lalilque body, with all its maddening buttons, is back in some new colors, including a playful bright orange (below). Also look for Sonata’s gold horsehoe bra clasp in most sets and, of course, enough ribbons and bows to gift-wrap any romantic evening.

Sonata is Lithuanian by birth but picked up her skills working with a number of London lingerie designers. Key among those was trendsetter Damaris Evans — Sonata contributed to the original Damaris collection more than a decade ago, and you can see a lot of the Damaris DNA in Sonata’s look.

Since launching her own collection, Sonata has focused on defining her aesthetic and building a catalog of classically sexy pieces in luxurious fabrics. And, with each collection, she aims to produce a few statement pieces that are immediately recognizable and, in a crowded market, hard to copy. That’s easier said than done, but Belle Epoque offers a few treasures that should be around for years to come.

Standouts in this lush collection include the holiday-perfect Rosetta wrap shown above, and the frilly and soft new Danae set in an that orange colorway that will be an antidote to anyone experiencing SAD this winter.

And, as if Belle Epoque needed some glitter to capture your attention (which it doesn’t), there are a few pieces sprinkled with gleaming Swarovski bits. That should put a sparkle in his eye!

Watch for this gorgeous new collection to arrive on Sonata’s website and in discriminating boutiques soon.

But forget what we said about bedroom ground rules: the only way to keep your mate from surrendering to his passions would be if Sonata offered a complimentary eye mask with each piece. That, or cuffs!

Here’s a look at Belle Epoque‘s style ranges, each of which comes in a bodysuit and matching soft bra, g-string and knicker.

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3 Responses to “Sonata’s Cruel Temptations”

  1. Avigayi says:

    This is like… soooooo my new favourite collection!!! I LOVE lace. :-) So so so sexy, especially the Lalique! That wrap is also to die for.

  2. Karen says:

    This collection is beyond stunning…..

  3. Avigayil says:

    NOTE: Glamourous Amourous is offering 30% off all Sonata from Dec 14 – 18th.

    *falls over*

    My wallet can’t handle that.

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