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Something To Remember This Season
Posted by LT Staff | November 21, 2011

There are plenty of ‘Occupy Christmas‘ message boards popping up on Facebook and other social networks. Though the messages vary, all of them are trying to convert the energy from the ongoing protest actions into something tangible as the Christmas consumer splurge bears down on us.

One FB group urges followers to “spend only 1%” of your normal Christmas budget this season — though that seems destined to disappoint your family and friends more than Wall Street tycoons. Others urge people to “buy American” this holiday, which seems more pragmatic.

The image above, oddly, comes from an Australian group that is piggybacking on the Occupy movement to encourage people to patronize independent retailers. Good on ya, mates!

For lingerie shoppers, that means bypassing Target and Victoria WhatsHerName and taking the time to find one of the hundreds of premium, independent retail boutiques that keep this industry strong.

You’ll get much more knowledgeable help from store staff and, besides, the lineups will be much shorter.

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One Response to “Something To Remember This Season”

  1. Maria says:

    I agree! It’s much better to buy at smaller stores. I prefer that simply because you can have undivided staff’s attention.

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