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Wish you could pull off the Pink/RiRi/Gwen rocker chick look … but just for a night? Wish you could find a cool slogan to adorn your bod, but you don’t know what to say … and you don’t want to be sporting a snippet from The Prophet (or, god forbid, Twilight) for the rest of your life?

Then you’re going to love Tatu Couture, a so-new-it-squeaks label from Britain that cleverly combines faux tattoo prints with mesh and stretch fabrics to create — at least from a distance — the illusion of inked skin.

This idea has hot-trend-of-the-year written all over it (pardon that pun), although the concept is not entirely new. The Scottish label Bebaroque scored a huge hit earlier this year with its line of tattooed bodysuits and hosiery, and Andres Sarda turned heads this fall with its “dragon tattoo” print.

Tatu Couture takes a more basic approach to achieve the same effect. Designer Luisa Sidoli begins with a collection of very on-trend graphic bodywear pieces that would probably find a home in the lingerie market on their own. Each piece, though, includes various tattoo graphics imprinted on semi-sheer panels (available in nude and a dark skin tone) to create a trompe l’oeil effect.

Some pieces are printed with strategically placed, calligraphed slogans like “we love only what we do not wholly possess“, while others have elaborate floral prints, like the chrysanthemums on the Talitha bodysuit above.

The prints themselves were designed in collaboration with professional tattoo artists to ensure they are as authentic as possible, the company says.

Tatu Couture will begin selling online on Nov. 22, but you can check out the 8-piece collection on their website now.

But will faux tattooed lingerie catch on? I have some doubt whether the company’s two shades will be enough to match the skin tones on a broad range of women, an issue that future collections might address.

But don’t bet against Tatu Couture. Designer Sidoli has worked for a number of high street brands and was head designer for UK erotic powerhouse Ann Summers, which gives the new label an impressive pedigree to build on.

Personally, I’ve been looking for something like this since I saw Howard Wolowitz sporting fake tattoo-printed sleeves while visiting a goth club on Big Bang Theory. Maybe TC will consider a men’s line?

Here’s a look at their debut collection:

LISBETH boyshort
ANAIS basque
TALITHA bodysuit
MARLENE bandeau/body
LA VIE EN ROSE bodysuit
LILI high-waisted brief
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  1. Aline says:

    Very unique and interesting designs! Love the TALITHA bodysuit, specially the front cut, so pretty!

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