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The very thought of Tim Burton‘s name being attached to a fashion label — let alone a lingerie brand — is almost too delicious to bear.

But, alas, you can stop squirming: the crazed Alice/Beetlejuice director isn’t branching out into fashion design — yet.

What we have in the meantime is this clever and charming photoshoot from the hot young Canadian label, GlobLove.

Designer Liana Artinian cooked up the Tim Burton-themed campaign to promote GlobLove’s first holiday collection, using Montreal’s hip-and-hot boutique hotel Chez Swann for her backdrop.

The campaign is called Step Into Reality and it does a great job of capturing the disorienting spatial sense and menacing pop-art landscape that characterize much of Burton’s cinematic world.

Artinian and photographer Taline Nalbandian have done a masterful job of art-directing the shoot, and clearly spared no expense for make-up! The black roses are another nice touch, and the GlobLove team deserves credit for avoiding the candy-cane clichés that dominate so much holiday lingerie advertising.

However, the campaign is not quite as successful at showcasing GlobLove’s products, which have to compete with the colorful art direction and composition in each image. (This is one of Burton’s issues, too. At his best — Alice, Charlie — the costumes are a vital part of each frame; at his worst — Sleepy Hollow, Sweeney Todd — they are overwhelmed by the sets).

Which is a shame, since the label’s debut collection, Film Noir, has a lot to offer, especially if your tastes run to fine stretch lace basics. Here’s an example of a behind-the-scenes photo from Step Into Reality that conveys the delicacy and craftsmanship of GlobLove’s range of lace bodies and hosiery:

In June, Artinian launched her affordable luxury collection with website shop, and recently partnered with the online discounter Beyond The Rack to expand GlobLove’s reach.

The label is also distinguished by its contributions to FINCA, the NGO that provides economic supports for women entrepreneurs in developing countries. A great cause and just another reason to support this ambitiously philanthropic young label.

Here are some more images from GlobLove’s holiday collection and campaign, Step Into Reality:

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