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Padded Luxury from Canada’s DIA
Posted by richard | October 10, 2011

We Canadians know a thing or two about winter comfort, and at this time of year many of us are digging out our blanket boxes in preparation for the chilly season ahead.

But not all of us spend the winter wrapped up in a Snuggie

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Steve Jobs Changed Fashion Shoots, Too
Posted by richard | October 9, 2011

Russell James, the celebrity fashion photographer, added this tribute to Steve Jobs over the weekend, showing how the former Apple CEO changed the way model shoots are done.

James posted three images on his Facebook page that offer a behind-the-scenes look at a recent …

The centuries-old sport of fox hunting has taken quite a thrashing in Britain over the past few years, but that doesn’t mean all you foxes and hounds out there can’t find other ways to keep yourselves busy.

Modern Courtesan, the UK lingerie label that …

So much lingerie marketing focuses on the products themselves that it’s easy to forget the real payoff is what’s underneath.

But that’s certainly not a problem for the L.A.-via-Copenhagen label Forrest and Bob, whose new promo film is so over-the-top, outrageously soft-core it could …

Beach Bunny’s Flashy, Trashy Cruise Line
Posted by richard | October 5, 2011

I’ve been looking at bikinis lately, lots of them. After a two-week refresher in Maui — where we were hard at work researching swimwear trends and Mai-Tai recipes — I’ve seen enough thongs, strings and brazilian cuts to make a trip to the optometrist an …

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