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Agent Provocateur’s Sexy Zombie Film is a Real Scream
Posted by richard | October 26, 2011

It opens with a scene straight out of Scream, references every zombie movie ever made, and ends with a nod to The Stepford Wives. And, yes, it’s a lingerie commercial.

Fleurs du Mal, the hilarious new video from Agent Provocateur, arrives just in time for Hallowe’en and manages to pack a lot of thrills and chills into two of the freakiest minutes of film you’ll see this year. There are no buckets of blood, but you’ll be astonished at how well the red lace embroidery on a white dressing gown works as a substitute.

Directed by Justin Anderson (who did last year’s prize-winning short film, Chore, for Damaris), Fleurs du Mal takes the sexy-girl-at-home-alone premise of teen horror movies and hitches it to the relentless-but-slow-moving zombie stereotype — although this time the undead are all women, and all decked out in wickedly erotic undies.

The film is meant to promote AP’s new collection, Soiree, which launches next week. And if Fleurs du Mal is any indication, it’ll be a scorcher: tons of tassels, open cups, peek-a-boo backsides, leather cinchers, chains and straps. Seriously, this stuff would make The Walking Dead look hot.

Enjoy the video below, but remember it’s NSFW.

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