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It’s hard to believe, but Halloween is already less than a week away. If you want to dress up as something sexy, exciting and unique, you may have to spend a little extra time planning and researching.

Don’t want to be the hundredth naughty nurse at the party? Are you less than thrilled about being just another dirty cop? Don’t despair. There are a few new trends that are popping up with some out-of-the-Halloween-ordinary outfit ideas that are sexy enough to be transferred from the bedroom to a party.

So, if you aren’t quite sure what to dress up as yet, here are a few examples of what costumes are hot this year to help you look hot Halloween night.

Geek Chic
Geeks have infiltrated our everyday life. No longer are the technology-obsessed seen as overweight, lonely, unwashed men in their parents’ basement. These days, the geekier side of society is seen as creative and edgy entrepreneurs, and even — dare I say? — sexy.

This phenomenon is apparent in TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory and Glee, the number of ever-popular comic book and video game conventions, and in a whole slew of movies (The Social Network, Transformers, Tron, and, oh, about a hundred superhero films.)

The nerdy trend is definitely seen in Halloween costumes, too, where shoppers are tending to prefer pop culture costumes over old, scary favorites — and not just men. Now, more than ever, women are choosing costumes featuring geek-chic characters that at one time may have been considered less-than-desirable, but are now sexy and cool. Here are some examples that could help add to your hipster-nerd cred:

  • Codex, from the web series The Guild (above left)
  • Sexy Red Plumber (above right)
  • Tron body suit, Wonder Woman, Glee Cheerio Cheerleader

Elaborate Classics
There is no denying that there are a number of costumes that will never go out of style. Themes like pirates, storybook characters, and scary-yet-sexy favorites like vampires and witches will always be popular during the spooky season.

However, those who choose this type of outfit that still want to stand out from the crowd should consider splurging a little for the holiday. At many costume retailers, there are deluxe versions of most costumes. These styles are a little pricier, yes, but it shows in the quality. These erotic costumes are well-constructed and have more details and pieces to give the outfit an authentic look.

So, don’t worry – there’s nothing wrong with picking a classic costume for Halloween, but if you want to stand out from the rest this October, here are some choices:

  • Deluxe Pirate Wench (above left)
  • Red Hot Riding Hood (top photo)
  • Vampire countess (above right), woodland fairy, German beer girl, Alice in Wonderland

Vintage Sexy
Vintage-inspired Halloween costumes can make anyone look sexy, classy, and timeless while dressing up for the holiday. Thanks to TV shows like Mad Men, Pan Am, and The Playboy Club, retro looks have taken over clothing lines and now Halloween shops, whether the show was successful or not.

Party-goers can choose their favorite decade and fashion style, as well as how much skin they’d like to show. (Just because you aren’t scantily-clad, doesn’t mean you aren’t looking sexy! Also, perfect for girls in the chillier climates.) For the retro-lovers of the world, here are some examples of classic costume looks from the past:

  • Flight Attendant (above left)
  • Flapper girl (right)
  • Playboy bunny, pin-up girl, 50s housewife

This guest article was contributed by MaDonna Flowers of, a website that sells sexy costumes that are perfect for Halloween or a night in.

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