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We are constantly amazed by the creativity shown by young lingerie designers in 2011. Case in point: Kriss Soonik, the Estonia-born, London-based indie designer who calls her work loungerie because there’s really no traditional category that defines what she does.

Soonik’s fall collection contains some dazzling strokes of ingenuity that, quite simply, you won’t see in any other lingerie or loungewear range on the market.

You want original? How about a jersey turtleneck suspender top — that’s right, it’s a suspender belt, a bodysuit and a turtleneck all rolled into one.

You want fashion forward? How about a backless, open-front velour wrap with oversized hood, all bundled up with a satin bow?

You want fearlessly daring? How about the wide-open lace Susan Motion body (you can wear the opening in front or back)?

You want a conversation starter? How about those peek-a-boo lace wing cutouts on the the elegant Diana Wings wrap?

But the unquestionable highlight of Soonik’s current collection is her unique take on that old staple, the kimono. Soonik’s versatile Diana Patent Wrap (top photo) is a housecoat with attitude and ambition — wear it as a coat, a gown, or a wrap for just lounging at home. (Though I’m willing to bet this piece will be seen much more often on the street than indoors — like so much of Soonik’s work, it demands to be shown off.)

Made from soft velour and offered in jet black, the Diana wrap is decked out with metal eyelets, satin bows and patent leather shoulder detailing in a way that makes it both classically sophisticated and edgy too. It’s offered in both shortie and mid lengths this season, and you won’t want to miss this must-have fall accessory — matching velour bloomers. (The photo above shows the short Diana wrap with the Liisi bloomers.)

Watch for both these items to show up on everyone‘s year-end best-of list, and more than a few Christmas wish lists as well.

Kriss Soonik’s aesthetic is so driven by originality there’s not a single piece in the new collection that doesn’t stand out and, at the very least, invite curious inspection. Even her take on mesh undies — fast becoming de rigeur in designer lingerie collections — makes clever use of bands, lace patterns and detailing to create distinctive looks.

Just about everything that Soonik creates can be described as layering pieces that work as undergarments and streetwear, although figuring out how best to display these pieces isn’t always obvious (the Inge hooded wrap, for instance: street-worthy, or strictly stay-at-home?). For some hints, visit Soonik’s Facebook page, where she offers a photo album that gives you some ideas on how to style such statement pieces.

Some of the items in this collection have appeared previously (ie., the popular Greta coat and the Susan body) but the styles have been tweaked and offered in new color combinations. Soonik isn’t recycling her ideas; she’s building a catalogue of ultra-hip, modern classics that will endure for some time.

Have a look at some of the new pieces from this exciting designer label. Soonik was one of the young designers showcased during Fashion’s Night Out by the New York boutique, which is a good place to start your shopping.

Susan Motion reversible body
Inge hooded wrap
Kristel suspender turtleneck
Greta coat
Diana Wings wrap
Silvia mesh bra, Maike knickers
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