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Padded Luxury from Canada’s DIA
Posted by richard | October 10, 2011

We Canadians know a thing or two about winter comfort, and at this time of year many of us are digging out our blanket boxes in preparation for the chilly season ahead.

But not all of us spend the winter wrapped up in a Snuggie. In fact, a new loungewear label from Toronto called DIA gives us the option of staying cosy all winter long in style.

DIA’s elegant debut collection includes nightgowns, robes, negligées, pjs and other sleepwear sets, all in 100% silk.

What sets this label apart, however, is an idea that’s too clever for words: padded silk house coats that are as warm as they are stylish. DIA’s entire collection is top-drawer, but they’ll almost certainly make their name on this piece alone.

DIA’s padded robes come in a kimono style (top photo) and 3/4-length (above), and in pale pink, aubergine and black solid colors. There’s even a collarless version that creates an almost formal-looking round neckline.

DIA designer and founder Lydia Tsung, who grew up in Toronto, said the idea for the padded robes came from family stories about the heavy silk coats and coat-like gowns worn in old Shanghai — mostly by the wealthy — to keep warm through the winter.

Her lined robes are filled with a lightweight poly fill, which traps air between the silk layers to create blanket-like warmth. And the robes remain soft and feathery after washing.

“Silk has a wonderful underestimated property to be both warm and cool,” she says. “If used in the right way, its qualities can be enhanced.”

Lydia studied fashion in Toronto and interned with Canadian designer Wayne Clark before moving to China in 2002 to work for a womenswear label. That experience no doubt contributed to the idea for padded silk housewear although, interestingly, Lydia avoided turning her DIA collection into an Oriental-themed set. Instead, you’ll find very contemporary silhouettes that have more in common with old Hollywood than old China.

DIA is currently stocked by a number of Toronto boutiques and can also be purchased through the label’s online store. Click on the images below to see more pieces and style names from DIA’s debut collection.

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  1. Avigayi says:

    That is so COOOL!!!! If I had the $$$ I would get a robe in a second – just what I need for those -40 evenings! Edmonton has got to be one of the most frigid cities in Canada to live in.

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