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We first took notice of Blue Canoe back in March of last year, around the time the pioneering California eco-label was introducing its bamboo line of lingerie (and Lingerie Talk was just getting started). As supporters of eco-friendly undergarments, we wished this innovative company well with their new venture and hoped that it would be as successful as their other environmentally conscious endeavors. Turn the …

The Lingerie Project: Naked Truths from Real, Real Women
Posted by richard | September 20, 2011

The most overdone trend in lingerie marketing is the use of “average women” to lend a veneer of everyday realism to a brand’s carefully packaged fantasies.

When done sensitively, these campaigns can give consumers a useful reference point. But they can also come across as exploitative: in almost all such cases the volunteer models aren’t paid, their “average” figures are given a Photoshop brush-up, and …

Layered Linen Looks from NYC’s Unforeseen Circumstances
Posted by richard | September 19, 2011

A recent trip to Mexico and Santa Fe inspired the looks in designer Teo Griscom‘s fall collection, a very distinctive set built around the use of a light linen netting.

The result is a mix-and-match collection that will yield some truly unique looks you won’t find anywhere else. Those are high-waisted linen briefs on top of a romper-like pullunder in the photo above — …

There is more than one way to approach sensuality. Sure, there is the obvious push-up bra and corseted hourglass and there is also the bondage route of aggressive and brazen sexuality. Then there is the softer take, subtler in its approach but equally if not more all encompassing of the senses.

Perhaps the most recent example of this is La Perla’s Fall/Winter 2011 conception, called…

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Zinke’s Golden Honeymoon
Posted by richard | September 14, 2011

If fashion labels have a honeymoon period — that golden time when people are besotted with everything you create, the media fawns obligingly, and you can’t keep up with new orders — then Zinke Intimates is in the middle of a glorious honeymoon.

The hip indie label’s summer set of bra tops and bloomers for Free People was a huge success and Zinke’s fall collection, …

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