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Nichole De Carle’s Math Solutions
Posted by amy | September 26, 2011

Wish you could dive into the lingerie-as-outerwear trend but just can’t seem to find pieces that work well together? You’re not alone — not everyone has a stylist’s gift for mixing and matching separates for this most delicate of fashion statements.

Happily, some smart designers are making it easier for their customers by presenting stylish ways of blending fashion-forward undies with hip RTW clothing.

A great example is this set of shots from UK lingerie designer Nichole De Carle, who teamed up with the apparel label MATH Collective to create an underwear-outerwear series that showcases the upcoming spring 2012 collections from both labels.

The collab was part of NDC and MATH’s offerings for London Fashion week (which also saw Nichole open her first pop-up store).

And what an inspired pairing it is, too: Nichole specializes in bespoke-quality intimates with bold architectural lines, while MATH’s designer Shaz likewise favors graphic looks, sheer fabrics and silhouettes inspired by London architecture.

We can’t tell if these sets will be sold together, or if this collab was merely meant to show off the possibilities that both labels present. Either way, it gives you lots to think about for next spring’s wardrobe!

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