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There is more than one way to approach sensuality. Sure, there is the obvious push-up bra and corseted hourglass and there is also the bondage route of aggressive and brazen sexuality. Then there is the softer take, subtler in its approach but equally if not more all encompassing of the senses.

Perhaps the most recent example of this is La Perla’s Fall/Winter 2011 conception, called The Roaring Collection. As the name and the pieces themselves suggest, the collection is inspired by a decade when inhibitions of the past were replaced by revelry in prosperity and by an era of sumptuous indulgences. The luxurious sensuality that La Perla has become known for is still well embedded in the new designs but the direct relation to the decade through use of Art Nouveau lace, fringe, maribou feathers and animal print creates an air of drama layered with a Gatsbyesque intrigue.

In some ways, this collection is more subdued than the scintillatingly seductive collections from La Perla‘s past. In others, it’s equally if not more provocative. Vintage tuxedo-inspired loungewear hits the mark by bringing together both the current tuxedo trends that dominated the runways this fall and the reliable muse that is the 1920s. Design details such as patterned lace, fanciful frill details and nude paneling carry with them a nostalgic and emotive sensuality, if not their own subplot — a blend of the dawning of a new age and a romance with the past.

Have a look at the lavish styling in the photoshoot for La Perla’s latest masterpiece!

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