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I love a good play on words, so I was immediately attracted to Jenny Altman‘s new project, The name is intentionally incomplete — it’s an open-ended invitation for people to fill in the blank with whatever inspires, excites and motivates them.

I Love A Good is a new lingerie style website — it launches tomorrow — that promises to be a welcome new voice in fashion media. It aims to be many things to lingerie consumers: a product advice website, a style consultancy that connects readers with brands, and a meeting place for women to share information and questions related to lingerie shopping.

Jenny, who calls herself the ‘chic excecutive officer’, will be the public face, editor and principal tastemaker of ILoveAGood, and she was clearly born for the task. Imagine a cross between Carrie Bradshaw and Marlo Thomas: a tireless stylehound with an infectious enthusiasm for lingerie and an impeccable resume to back up her opinions.

Many people will know Jenny (on the right in the photo above) from her recent role as style director for online retailer Bare Necessities, where she hosted the popular live Facebook conversations with shoppers, but that’s just the latest in a string of plum gigs. She’s been a magazine writer and editor for such titles as Oprah, Lucky and Marie Claire and, as a fashion stylist, she’s dressed celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz and many more.

Jenny is joined on ILAG by partner Danielle Black (the ‘chic operating officer’) who has an equally impressive background as a sales executive for such brands as Yummie Tummie, Jordache and Gloria Vanderbilt.

As a welcome gift to this highly likeable pair, Lingerie Talk invited Jenny to tell our readers — lingerie lovers all — what they can expect when I Love A Good debuts tomorrow. Here’s our conversation:

Q&A With Jenny Altman, Chic Executive Officer,

How will ILAG be different from all the personal style blogs, review sites and online boutiques currently on the internet?
ILOVEAGOOD is an online resource that will change the way women share, shop and view intimates. We offer women a two-way conversation; we can’t help women without hearing their voices.

You’re calling yourselves “THE underwear experts”. Where does your expertise come from?
It starts with us being real women who have been wearing undergarments our whole lives. Professionally, Danielle has spent 15+ years working with manufacturers on product fit and development as well as merchandising and retail sales. She was most recently part of the team that launched Yummie Tummie, learning all of the ins and outs of shapewear and intimates. Jenny has spent 15+ years dressing celebrities and real women for fashion magazines, commercials and live TV. At Oprah she was known around the office for being the Shapewear Queen since she spent so much time covering the intimates market, and loved sharing product and information with everyone.

How long have you been planning I Love A Good?
In one way or another…our whole lives.

What made you decide to do your own thing rather seek another fashion industry or media job?
After covering intimates at magazines such as Marie Claire, Oprah Magazine and Lucky, all roads pointed me in the direction of intimates. Magazines didn’t have that much real estate to dedicate towards intimates, and I had a lot to say (and women had a lot to ask).

Will ILAG be actually selling products?
ILOVEAGOOD is not carrying inventory. In doing so, we are free to speak from an unbiased perspective and won’t compete with the brands we love most.

Will you be talking about only North American labels, or brands from around the world? Only luxury labels, or brands from all price points?
We will be talking honestly about any brand we know and love, not just North American brands. Same goes for price point, if we love a product (whether it’s very expensive or inexpensive), we’ll be telling people about it.

Do the brands you recommend pay to be mentioned on ILAG?
The content is not paid for. No form of payment will ever influence our honest answers.

You had an interesting experience running the live discussion group for Bare Necessities. What did you learn from that experience about how women approach lingerie shopping? Why is it such a common source of frustration?
What I heard during the Q&A is similar to what I’ve always been hearing from real women. There is a lot of merchandise available, but women need help sorting through it to know what works best for them and their unique body type.

You’ve done a LOT of shopping. What was the worst experience you’ve had lingerie shopping? What was the best?
As a woman who enjoys shopping (like so many women do), I rarely have a bad shopping experience. My only frustrations come when my size is not available, or when I have to wait a week for my exciting new item to arrive. Best experience is when I see something I love, and I can buy it and take it home with me right away (in pretty little packaging, of course).

You’ve also worked with and helped dress many celebrities. Does their experience in lingerie shopping differ from that of average folk? Or do they also face the same frustrations?
Their experiences can be much more exciting than that of a regular woman (or man). Stylists pre-edit merchandise for them and they can buy whichever pieces they like and fit them the best. I had a great experience recently with Christina Hendricks while I was working with Lucky magazine. She liked the bras I picked so much that she purchased a handful of them. She discovered new brands that she may not have found on her own.

Ultimately, celebrities are still real women who need to find solutions for their specific body types.

In you personal life, how picky are you when shopping? Do you try on dozens of ensembles or just grab something you know from previous experience?
I am not picky when it comes to prices or brands, but since I’ve been the same size most of my life, I can spot instantly what will work for me.

You and Danielle are both slender. Can you represent the needs of larger and curvier women?
Along with our staff, we can associate with women of all shapes and sizes.

The market research for ILAG must have been brutal (NOT!). How many bras have you tried on in the past year while planning this?
This research has been going on our whole lives. We’ve tried on thousands of bras, panties and pieces of shapewear between the two of us, and we’re still doing it daily. Every day begins with our own undergarments, it’s all research.

Which fictional character would you say you are most similar to: Miranda Priestly, Carrie Bradshaw or Rebecca Bloomwood?
Carrie Bradshaw for sure. Like her, I’ve spent some time in the fashion closets at Condé Nast.

What’s the most expensive item in your lingerie drawer? What the cheapest item?
I’m very democratic and have Eres mingling with Gap Body.

I miss Oprah. Will she be contributing to ILAG? If not, do you think she might come work for Lingerie Talk?
No need to miss her, we can watch her OWN network now.

How do you complete the statement, “I Love A Good —– “?
I LOVE A GOOD…..feel-good conversation.

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