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Agent Provocateur takes its fascination with voyeurism into new territory this fall, with a marketing campaign that focuses (literally) on the accidental exhibitionism of celebrities.

You know what I mean: that momentary flash of cleavage, the skirt that rides too high, or the button that comes undone just as the leering paparazzi are zooming in on Paris or Pixie or Lindsay or Katie. There’s even a creepy glossary of terms to describe such highly sought-after ‘reveals’: the nipslip, the upskirt, the sideboob, the cameltoe and, of course, the catch-all ‘candids’.

Such private moments are the bane of most celebs — though sometimes they’re deliberate stunts staged by publicity-starved wannabes — and they’re a sure way to get your image retweeted and reblogged around the world in a matter of seconds.

Now AP, the UK’s boundary-pushing erotic lingerie powerhouse, has turned the public’s prurient fascination with celebrity overexposure into a rather clever marketing pitch with the slogan, “Always remember your Agent Provocateurs.”

Think about that for a second: it’s an update on your mother’s oft-heard advice to “always remember to wear clean BVDs” in case you’re in an accident. Or in case a prying tabloid photographer catches you climbing out of a limo with your skirt bunched up around your waist.

AP’s campaign includes still photos and half a dozen videos, all lit by the glaring flashes of the paparazzi, and featuring Paz de la Huerta (of Boardwalk Empire) as the unlucky celebutante who keeps getting caught with her knickers awkwardly on display. Given that she’s wearing some of the world’s hottest undies, however, she’s not in too much of a hurry to cover up.

The Always Remember campaign also picks up on Agent Provocateur’s other recent promotional campaigns, which featured girls undressing in public photo booths, peeping toms peeking into hotel room windows, and hookers setting up hidden cameras. If we must live in a world where such cringe-worthy invasions are commonplace, they seem to suggest, make sure you look good when you’re caught.

After all, nothing is private anymore — least of all your privates.

Here’s a look at some of the Always Remember campaign stills. AP will be posting the full video series on its website and YouTube channel next week.


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