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Toute La Nuit’s Perky Diffusion Line
Posted by Erin | September 28, 2011

If you are looking for the perfect bed-to-breakfast sleepwear line, then feast your eyes on Ravissante, the new diffusion collection from Toute La Nuit Loungewear.

If you are already familiar with the Toute La Nuit brand, you know that they are the “something in between” — luxurious sleepwear that is not overtly sexy but not matronly or frumpy either.

Founded in San Francisco in 2008, Toute La Nuit offers a perfect combination of feminine, romantic and sophisticated lounging pieces: robes, PJs and nightgowns that you wear to bed but are still functional enough to wear to the breakfast table in the morning.

TLN’s new diffusion collection Ravissante (French for ravishing woman), offers 11 styles in nine different prints and solids. The collection uses high-quality poly silk, which comes at a lower price point, making this line perfect for the college girl or a young mom.

Designer Karen Judge developed this collection to both combat sky rocketing silk prices and to ensure there were Toute La Nuit products available for pocketbooks of all sizes.

With prices ranging from $29-$99, the Ravissante line makes a great gift for the woman who thought she had everything — or perhaps just a treat for yourself.

Toute La Nuit lounge and sleepwear products can be purchased online at www.tlnlounge.com. Below are some more images from this peppy collection.

The new film project from UK lingerie label Damaris answers a question that has troubled many women: with all the super-sheer and barely-there erotic lingerie on the market these days, where’s a girl gonna hide her gun?

If you think that’s a frivolous query, then you’re obviously not a super-sexy secret agent femme fatale, like the central figure in Packing Heat, the somewhat surreal spy fantasy film from Damaris and director Johnny Green.

Packing Heat debuted recently at London Fashion Week and features the SS2012 collection from the luxury intimates brand. It’s also a showcase for edgy model/actress Liberty Ross, who gets to fire all kinds of weaponry whose bullets explode in bright bursts of color.

It’s a surprising twist on a familiar storyline, and it neatly introduces the big directional theme in Damaris’ 2012 collection — bright, eye-popping color.

And the film’s payoff? After her barrage of gunplay, Liberty neatly slips her pistol down her backside — so now you know what that peek-a-boo cutout in Damaris’ lingerie is for.

Packing Heat follows the 2010 Damaris film Chore, another widely admired concept film that won a Fashion Film Award. Don’t be surprised if Packing Heat does the same.

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Girls and Cars: Rihanna’s Classic Spin for Armani
Posted by richard | September 27, 2011

I have a Rihanna story. Five years ago, I was living in Barbados (yeah, sucks to be me) when I spotted RiRi pushing a shopping cart around the local supermarket while chatting with a gal pal. At the time, her second album had just dropped and, at 17, she was still in the very early stages of what would become her high-octane career.

I grabbed my teenaged daughter and insisted we go say hello, much the horror of both my daughter and Robyn (as they still refer to Rihanna back on de island). The young star was a bit flustered and annoyed at being bothered — who knew middle-aged white gringo tourists weren’t her core demographic? — but she gave us an autograph when she learned we were from Canada.

A couple of impressions stood out during our brief chat. First, RiRi looked no different than any other pretty teenaged Bajan girl; you would have trouble picking her out at a club or a beach party. And second, she seemed genuinely surprised that someone recognized her (no one else in the store seemed to notice) in public.

My, my, my. How things have changed since then.

Rihanna’s new gig as the face and body of Emporio Armani underwear is another massive leap upward for someone whose star seems to be perpetually ascending.

Her first assignment — for the Fall 2011 underwear line — is classic Americana: a semi-clad blonde in the backseat of a vintage auto (the kind with seats big enough for some frolicking).

It’s not an original concept by a long shot, but it positions Armani and its new girl smack dab in the center of America’s cultural zeitgeist … and the male libido.

With her chameleon-like ability to change her appearance seemingly at will, RiRi is both a designer’s dream and a blank canvas for the world’s top photographers. It should also help her avoid being stalked at the supermarket.

Here are some more images from the fall Armani campaign.

Nichole De Carle’s Math Solutions
Posted by amy | September 26, 2011

Wish you could dive into the lingerie-as-outerwear trend but just can’t seem to find pieces that work well together? You’re not alone — not everyone has a stylist’s gift for mixing and matching separates for this most delicate of fashion statements.

Happily, some smart designers are making it easier for their customers by presenting stylish ways of blending fashion-forward undies with hip RTW clothing.

A great example is this set of shots from UK lingerie designer Nichole De Carle, who teamed up with the apparel label MATH Collective to create an underwear-outerwear series that showcases the upcoming spring 2012 collections from both labels.

The collab was part of NDC and MATH’s offerings for London Fashion week (which also saw Nichole open her first pop-up store).

And what an inspired pairing it is, too: Nichole specializes in bespoke-quality intimates with bold architectural lines, while MATH’s designer Shaz likewise favors graphic looks, sheer fabrics and silhouettes inspired by London architecture.

We can’t tell if these sets will be sold together, or if this collab was merely meant to show off the possibilities that both labels present. Either way, it gives you lots to think about for next spring’s wardrobe!

Take The Plunge: A Striking New Look From Damaris
Posted by richard | September 23, 2011

10 years into a career studded with highlights, Damaris Evans continues to push herself and her premium lingerie label Damaris in new directions.

Damaris has endured over the past decade not just by producing collection after collection of super-sexy pieces, but by building a repertoire of signature elements that set her brand apart: the notorious peephole backsides, the sheer sling bras, big unwrap-me bows and distinctive clasp hardware.

For her 10th anniversary collection, Damaris adds a new weapon to her arsenal — the pronounced, and very revealing, deep-V décolletage. It makes an appearance in several pieces in the fall collection, including — get this — a V-cut on the tail side of the Pannetoni knicker.

This new silhouette borrows a bit from luxury swimwear design and is reminiscent of some luxury French and Italian labels but, as always, Damaris makes it her own. (It should also be noted that her V-cut isn’t just a fashion-forward look; it’s also quite a feat of engineering.) And you’ll see a lot more of the V-cut in next spring’s Damaris line, which turns the seductive look into something flirty and fun too.

The 2011 anniversary collection includes five styles and a number of new silhouettes, color combinations and textures: think bubblegum pink see-through tulle and satin adorned with Swarovski crystals and you’ll bet a sense of the intricacy involved in this set.

Enjoy the images below from the Damaris AW2011 collection, and make a mental note of that decolletage: you’ll be seeing a lot of it.

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