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Something special happens when a smart lingerie retailer decides to do its own photo shoot to promote one of its favorite brands.

It may seem redundant given the amount of marketing material generated by the brands themselves, but in the right hands an in-house retail shoot can be both an homage to and a reinterpretation of the label, like a cover version of a song. You can never have too many versions of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah and, in our view, you can never have too many fashion editorials.

It was a thrill, then, to see what the wonderful Lille Boutique of Portland, Ore., has done with the Fall 2011 lingerie collection from Stella McCartney.

Boutique owner Sarah Wizemann and local photographer Lisa Warninger borrowed some pieces from Stella’s upcoming collection and created their own lookbook, which was posted on the Lille site last week. There’s also a companion video you can see here on YouTube.

The results are simply beautiful. This is much more than a commercial promotion; it’s Sarah’s unblushing love letter to Stella Mac.

“It’s as if these designs were tailor made for Lille Boutique,” Sarah writes in her blog. “Forgive us if we’re gushing, but we have to admit it: we have a girl-crush on Stella McCartney.”

And why not? Stella’s dreamy lingerie collections are more about romance than seduction; the kind of pieces you just love wearing, even if there’s no one else in the room to appreciate it with you.

Lille Boutique’s campaign focuses on 6 style ranges from Stella’s fall collection, led by the irresistible poppy print of the Irene Gardening range (top photo) and the bright reddish-orange Cherie Sneezing set (above), something to haul out to boost your spirits on the gray autumn days ahead.

These lines were expected to arrive at Lille this week, but you’ll want to act fast since they probably won’t stay in stock for long.

If nothing else, the images here should help everyone appreciate the incredible contribution that shops like Lille Boutique make to the lingerie industry. Retailers like Sarah Wizemann (and many of her peers) are the industry’s front line, bridging the gap between designers and local women who will ultimately buy and wear their products, so their perspective has invaluable weight.

Sarah is a cut above most shop owners in that she has both design and stylist experience, and a curator’s eye for fine lingerie. In fact, it should be said that Lille’s lookbook for Stella is in many ways better than what the Stella McCartney/Bendon team typically produce.

Stella’s photo campaigns are always lovely, but they are often a bit artsy and don’t always display the lingerie itself to best advantage. Lille’s project is beautifully styled, too, but it gives fans a much clearer and closer look at the goods than what we normally get from Stella. (Not to mention the fact that we haven’t seen a photo campaign from the brand itself yet for the fall collection!)

Below we’ve got some of our favorite images from the Lille shoot, grouped according to Stella McCartney’s style names.

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2 Responses to “Sarah Gushing: A Retailer’s Love Letter To Stella McCartney Lingerie”

  1. Avigayi says:

    *sniffle* They are already sold out of my size of the Irene Gardening Bustier.. or I am guessing they are as they only have like 2 sizes in stock. It is so pretty. :-)

  2. Sarah from Lille says:

    Avigayi, we already sold through almost everything we ordered! But we have a tiny reorder coming, so hopefully your size will be among the replenishment. Thanks for this lovely post!

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