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Marika Vera takes her sensuality seriously.

Not only has the young Mexican designer created one of the most sensuous and erotic luxury lingerie collections of the year, she’s also provided a helpful reading list to keep you amused while lounging around in those gorgeous garments.

You’ll find it on her new website,, under the heading “ABC … Y” — a comprehensive list of books, films, art and other inspirations that are by or about strong and erotically expressive women. From sizzling indie films like 9 Songs and When Night Is Falling to quotes from Germaine Greer and Anais Nin, with plenty of artists, photographers, writers and illustrators thrown in, Marika’s list may be the best catalogue of erotic inspirations you’ll ever find. Start working your way through it and, I guarantee, winter will pass unnoticed this year.

And you’ll discover the same kind of intoxicating sensuality in Marika’s debut lingerie collection, Venus In Furs, which will reach stores this fall. It’s stunningly pretty and very purposeful. These pieces are meant to inspire erotic adventures, and many come with discreet overlay openings to, in Marika’s words, “give a lover full access.”

Marika works mainly with monochrome colorways and minimalist lines, but most of her pieces include creative and unexpected detailing: an elasticized satin waistband on the Lena silk knickers, for instance, or the snap crotch on the gorgeous taupe Bella teddy (above). There’s a lovely silk dressing gown called Sam with surprising detachable leather trim and an incredibly revealing ankle-length silk kimono called Cecilia which seems to involve a lot of fabric but very little coverage.

Marika’s signature piece, though, probably won’t come from her lingerie range. Instead, it’s the unique silver chain necklace Ana, with gold plate, pearls and leather embellishments. You can see it in the photo above, paired with the Avigail high-waisted (and snap-crotch) culotte in an NSFW look with a heart-stopping impact. You just know that stylists and editorial photographers are going to love this.

Venus In Furs — named for an 1870 erotic novel of the same name — is a bold and extremely confident debut from a young designer with an impressive CV. Although she’s from Mexico, Marika studied in Australia and later at the Istituto Marangoni in London, where her graduate collection earned her a job with the Paris fashion label Vanessa Bruno (you’ll see a lot of the Bruno influence in Marika’s aethestic).

In 2009 her swimwear collection was showcased at Cannes during Mare di Moda, which led her to design gigs with fashion-forward UK brand Yes Master and the swim label Barocco Jade.

And just how confident is the 29-year-old Marika about her eponymous new label? Well, anyone who uses “better than naked” as her slogan certainly isn’t shy about her prospects!

Venus In Furs will reach market in October at some luxury boutiques in Mexico as well as the Lingerie Collective in London. Online, it will be available through the designer showcase (And don’t be shy about asking your favorite luxury boutique to import MV!)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some reading to catch up on …

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  1. Ellen Lewis says:

    This is gorgeous lingerie! Very special. Thanks for the insight.

  2. Heavenly Bottoms says:

    This definitely satisfies my lingerie cravings. Thanks for sharing these lovelies ~

  3. Lexie says:

    The combination of a beautiful woman, excellent photography and sexy lingerie is spellbinding. I find myself looking at the entire photograph as there is a lot to take in. The photographers eye is really evident in these images.

  4. Igor Pacemski says:

    Stock this label people! It’s amazing and Marika is one of the nicest, most talented and cool ladies in the whole design universe! I predict big things…xxx

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