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There’s been so much attention paid in recent years to vintage styling and retro looks in lingerie that it’s easy to forget that not all designers look to the past for their inspiration. Some labels, in fact, choose to go where no (wo)man has gone before.

A case in point is the futuristic new collection from the superb German luxury label Wundervoll, which always tries to deliver styles that stand apart from the clutter of current trends.

The new collection, called Deep Space, uses new materials, an uncommon color palette, and a unique mix of vintage and modern shapes to create a wholly original set that wouldn’t look out of place in Barbarella’s boudoir.

Wundervoll says the new collection was “inspired by science fiction architecture” and drives home that point with style names — such as the Comet tank top and Spacewalk panty — that sound a bit gimmicky. But the pieces are bold, beautiful and convincing: the stunning Stardust jumpsuit (below), for instance, looks like it could be a uniform from Battlestar Galactica.

Designer Matthias Jaschke works with a silk satin/lycra blend and thin silk jersey and creates his space-age looks with gold bands, layered panels, understated pleats and other architectural details. There are about 20 pieces in the collection, with some interesting multifunctional bra straps and fastenings, and a satiny sheen to almost every piece.

Wundervoll also stands out from other labels with color blends you won’t find anywhere else. Their spring collection, Sunset Mission, offered an iconoclastic assortment of rich, warm neutrals that managed to make brown a sexy summer color. The Deep Space collection puts just as much emphasis on color, mixing copper, slate grey and a subtle hue called ‘smoky rose’ to achieve its glamorous, otherworldly looks.

Because it’s German boutique label, Wundervoll has been a bit under the radar in North America since its launch in 2008 — but forward-looking collections like Deep Space are bound to change that.

For now, you can find them online at and in U.S. boutiques like Alla Prima in San Francisco and Undrest in L.A. Wundervoll will also be coming to the online marketplace ASOS soon as well.

Infinity Bra and Galaxy Panty
Stellar Teddy
Stardust Jumpsuit
Nebula Bra and Asteroid Panty
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