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Mimi Holliday’s Delicious Sweet Nothings
Posted by richard | August 15, 2011

Diabetics be warned: the fall lingerie collection from Mimi Holliday is the closest thing to a sugar rush you’re likely to find in the fashion world.

This richly diverse collection of French-inspired bonbons — more than a dozen new style ranges! — is bedroom eye candy of the highest order.

And, as if to drive home the point, Mimi Holliday designer Damaris Evans has named her new creations after the most sinfully delicious classic French pastries.

Macaroon. Éclair. Crème Brûlée. Frangipane. Mille Feuille. Meringue. Panna Cotta. And those gooey little cakes with the hidden filling, Nonnettes.

And I think the style names are more than just metaphors: there’s an equation between sexy lingerie and fancy desserts implied in the new Mimi Holliday collection that could probably fill a PhD thesis. Both can be elevated to an art form in the hands of a master. The big difference? There’s no glutton’s remorse with these sweet nothings, so go ahead and indulge without guilt.

If you can look past the clever names, the AW 2011 collection shows Mimi Holliday building on the strengths of its recent offerings and branching into some new territory as well.

You’ll find two styles that revive Mimi’s fondness for polka-dot prints, and two that feature the label’s popular leopard print (including the lovely peach Meringue line). Last season’s Bisou Bisou range is also back in two variations that offer new ways to show off its very trendy scalloped lace pattern.

And the small Panna Cotta set (top photo) features a bright lime shade called ‘electric moss’; it recalls some of Mimi’s earlier experiments with neon colors and — mark your calendar now — it foreshadows the explosion of color that we’ll see in next spring’s collection from this label (photos coming soon!).

The AW 2011 collection is also filled with new delicacies that show Damaris and her team exploring new color combos and styles. The Éclair range is a black-and-white set inspired by French maid costumes, while the Glacé set in ivory scalloped lace is certain to show up in a few bridal trousseaux.

And the most daring style (from a label that made its mark with revealing peek-a-boo bottoms)? That would be the re-imagined Fondant line, which returns as an all-black lace confection with a teasing corset made of the slimmest of ribbons.

Most of the Mimi Holliday signatures are found in abundance in this collection — lovers of fine lace and silk satin, rejoice — but there’s one change worth noting.

With its Spring-Summer collection, Mimi introduced some very stylish, and very revealing, lace bodysuits. This time around, the bodies are less plentiful, replaced by a new assortment of extremely light slips and teddies in lace and silk chiffon. All very romantic and another reason to love this label; in fact, the Meringue teddy is certain to be one of the prettiest pieces you’ll see this fall.

There’s really only one problem with the new Mimi Holliday collection: just like staring through the window of a fine French patisserie, at some point you have to stop drooling and choose. And don’t worry: these treats are great for your figure!

The gallery below shows some of our faves from the new collection. Click on the photos to learn the style names.

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