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Something special happens when a smart lingerie retailer decides to do its own photo shoot to promote one of its favorite brands.

It may seem redundant given the amount of marketing material generated by the brands themselves, but in the right hands an in-house retail shoot can be both an homage to and a reinterpretation of the label, like a cover version of a song. …

Marika Vera takes her sensuality seriously.

Not only has the young Mexican designer created one of the most sensuous and erotic luxury lingerie collections of the year, she’s also provided a helpful reading list to keep you amused while lounging around in those gorgeous garments.

You’ll find it on her new website, marikavera.com, under the heading “ABC … Y” — a comprehensive list of …

If you’re trying to figure out what really makes men tick, put down Cosmo, turn off The Talk, and head straight to Victoria’s Secret.

As a public service to men and women everywhere, the lingerie retailer has just unveiled its latest catalogue of bedroom costumes, appropriately called Sexy Little Fantasies™. And believe me, there’s probably no better barometer of what stokes …

Gisele’s Subtle Brazilian Debut
Posted by amy | August 24, 2011

It stands to reason that when the world’s leading supermodel decides to put her name on a fashion line, it’ll be something special.

And that certainly seems to be the case with with Gisele Bündchen‘s Brazilian Intimates, the leggy beauty’s collaboration with Hope Lingerie that was announced in May.

These are the first campaign images from Gisele’s debut collection, Burlesque, which is …

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There’s been so much attention paid in recent years to vintage styling and retro looks in lingerie that it’s easy to forget that not all designers look to the past for their inspiration. Some labels, in fact, choose to go where no (wo)man has gone before.

A case in point is the futuristic new collection from the superb German luxury label Wundervoll, which always …

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