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Lascivious Gives Itself A Makeover
Posted by richard | July 27, 2011

There’s so much going on in the new AW 2011-12 collection from Lascivious that it comes with instructions.

Not exactly a how-to-wear-it guide, but a simple, self-explanatory accessory — a gift bow with a dangling gunmetal chain that leads to small heart-shaped charm (below). And on the charm is etched a single word: “Enjoy”. Attach it to your bra or wear it as a headband and let your paramour figure out the rest for himself.

The sophisticated new collection from Chloe Hamblen and her team is packed with clever little ideas like this; in fact, the accessories in the new line almost steal the show. In addition to seven erotic style ranges, there’s an exclusive new stocking with a gift-bow print, and an awesome set of body chains from Fraulein Kink.

This time around (and to its credit) Lascivious seems focused on perfecting their catalogue rather than just satisfying demands for new designs. Smart move.

Lascivious is the kind of lingerie that Barbarella might design if she wasn’t so busy saving the galaxy. In a few short years, it’s become a superstar label, with a carefully assembled catalogue of ridiculously bold pieces that are part stripper gear and part superhero costume. (Their last video was considered too hot for YouTube!)

A number of pieces in the new set are re-workings of past collections, either to improve the fit, add new frills, or include variations that cater to different-sized pocketbooks and degrees of boldness. The company has also updated its classics and luxury basics collections, and expanded size ranges throughout.

Among the new style ranges, both the Kitty Ivory and Sarah Lou sets are based on the earlier Kitty collection, with lots of tulle, hand-beaded French lace, and some suggestive cutouts. They’re also the only white sets in the new collection, which leaves behind the citrus pop of Lascivious’ spring collection for darker autumn hues.

The popular Candy bodysuit, with its immediately recognizable starburst design, is also revived with a couple of new variations, including a limited edition crystallized version with more than 300 Swarovski sparkly bits offering the last word in glam this season.

That leaves four completely new designs: the fringe-and-tassel Kasia; the Suki set featuring gunmetal clips and ribbons; the flattering Belle line with its silk ribbon bows; and the showstopper of the collection, Josefine — a marvel of mesh, eyelash lace and satin binding.

And in case you’re curious (and we know you are), you’ll find several variations on Lascivious’ distinctive open-cup bra in the new collection. The Josefine peek-a-boo bra has lace drapes, the Kasia triangle bra has a V-shaped fringe, and the adorable Kitty Ivory cupless bra features an almost-demure ruffled tulle trim.

With the modest makeover to its aesthetic that you can see throughout this collection, Lascivious somehow manages to turn edgy, contemporary looks into enduring erotic classics.

And in doing so, they’ve given new meaning to an old adage: If you’ve got it, baby, flaunt it.

Here’s a look at the new collection from an always fascinating label.

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  1. Avigayil says:

    Lovely collection, my favorite is the Kitty Ivory cupless bra, just gorgeous! Wonder if I could get it here in Canada. Really enjoy your blog, read it almost every day, it is my guiltless pleasure.

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