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How To Make Rupert Murdoch Blush
Posted by richard | July 26, 2011

The News of the World may be gone forever, but the public shaming of Rupert Murdoch and his cronies continues to gather momentum.

Now, a sexy German lingerie brand has used the scandal surrounding the Murdoch media empire to its own advantage, with a marketing campaign that taunts Murdoch, his son James and former NOTW editor Rebekah Brooks.

Blush-Berlin and its ad agency Glow Berlin created a mock-tabloid look for the campaign, which invites Murdoch to “look at our little secrets”. The print and billboard campaign isn’t shy about naming names from the phone-hacking scandal, copping the old NOTW logo, and even using a Rebekah Brooks look-alike model (admit it, she is kind of hot, in a Cruella de Vil sort of way.)

The clever campaign is also timed to introduce the label’s Fall-Winter collection of see-through babydolls and other revealing goodies.

No word yet on what Rupert Murdoch thinks now that the bra, so to speak, is on the other foot, but you can bet they’re having a few chuckles on Fleet Street today.

So, some words to live by: Always wear clean underwear, and try to lead your life with enough decency that you don’t become the target of a mocking lingerie ad!

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