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Katharine Harrison: Bright Star on the Horizon
Posted by amy | July 22, 2011

It’s probably a little early to get too excited about Katharine Harrison, a new lingerie and apparel label from Britain, since they’re still putting together their first full collection (for Spring/Summer 2012).

But based on the teaser pre-collection shown here, it’s probably not too early to get in line. This is a label with serious early buzz, a compelling pedigree, and some very inventive looks. Plus, it’s already had its first editorial spread (pre-launch!) in Papercut magazine.

KH is the signature label for Katharine Harrison, a design graduate from Brighton who has spent the past five years paying her dues in some incredible ways — interning with design goddess and eco-pioneer Katharine Hamnett, apprenticing in menswear tailoring with a number of Savile Row shops, and freelancing as a costume designer for movie productions such as The Young Victoria, Bright Star, Creation and the upcoming Sherlock Holmes sequel.

And you’ll see all of those influences in this small preview of her debut collection, which combines fashion-forward ideas with unexpected historical references. The cross bra (above) is very 21st Century, but the adorable bodice (below) looks like it was lifted from Robin Hood’s private souvenir collection. (Wouldn’t you love to see a resurgence in ultra old-world styles like this?!)

Altogether, the label is aiming for a clean, timeless look with an emphasis on bespoke-quality tailoring. And there’s a classic slip dress in the preview set, which may hint at the ready-to-wear selections that Katharine expects to include in her debut.

The inaugural Katharine Harrison collection will debut in September, so bookmark her site and keep your eyes peeled. As the saying goes, this is one to watch.

In the meantime, Katharine’s website shows off some of her film credentials. So if you gushed over the sublime Abby Cornish in Bright Star, check out the designer who helped her achieve that sensual charm under those billowing, pre-Victorian skirts!

Bodice and Playshorts
Cross Bra and Tanga
Corded Bra and Briefs
Corded Bra and Briefs
Quilted Bodysuit
Slip Dress
Playshorts and Bodice
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