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Pamela Anderson’s Retro Nylons Set
Posted by richard | July 19, 2011

Celebrity can be a double-edged sword and perhaps no one knows that better than Pamela Anderson, whose dubious fame has both enriched her and made her dependable fodder for the tabloids.

She’s been a Playboy bunny, a Baywatch hottie, a sex tape star. A Wrestlemania groupie, a celebrity vegan, and Borat’s muse. A DWTS near-miss, Hep-C poster girl, and perhaps the world’s most famous boob job. Oh, and the only person to spark a live fistfight at the VMAs.

Perhaps the best thing that can be said about Pammie is that she continually emerges from the calamity of her own life with a new focus and a determination to define herself beyond her sexpot typecasting. The results of those efforts — ie. her work with PETA and AIDS charities — are often as impressive as they are surprising, and probably go a long way toward restoring the karmic balance in her life.

Now, add to that utterly unique resume another new role for Canada’s sexiest export: cheerleader for the return of 50s-era nylon stockings.

Pam has teamed up with faux vintage label Secrets In Lace to create a signature stockings collection made with the same techniques and machinery used during the post-war period when nylons were every girl’s best friend.

Look for French heels, back seams and Pam’s logo on the welt in this glamorous collection of six styles. Colors include a pale pink, beige, black, copper, coffee and a very nice Swiss Dot pattern (shown above). All are made with 15-denier non-stretch nylon and range in price from $29-$39. There’s also an ultra-sheer style in a lighter 10-denier nylon.

For Secrets In Lace, the collab with Pam is a marketing coup that will bring plenty of attention to a brand that has done a lot to keep authentic vintage lingerie fashions in vogue.

And for Pam, the latest chapter in her life story puts her in some pretty good company: SIL also maintains a celebrity collection by burlesque diva Dita Von Teese and an exclusive tribute collection inspired by pinup queen Bettie Page.

Here are some more images from the Pamela Anderson Couture Collection for Secrets In Lace:

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  1. LoveLingerie says:

    Although I was never great fan of Pam, i must admit, those stockings look great on her. There`s only one thing, this pink writing at the top, but hey, i can bet some people will love it:)

  2. Phyllis says:


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