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The newest offering from HOTMilk is going to come as something of a surprise for devotees of the sexy nursing lingerie brand.

After revolutionizing the market for maternity undergarments over the past five years, the New Zealand label is now turning its talents to another under-appreciated market segment — men, or, more specifically, men’s underwear.

HOTMilk will launch its new brand, Milkman Undies, in stores next month, with a range of basic briefs for guys.

And while it might not seem like an obvious move for a company that has grown like wildfire with its luxurious maternity wear, the debut of Milkman marks the first of several strategic expansion moves for HOTMilk.

“HOTMilk is moving to be a new company that has a number of brands sitting under it,” company co-founder Lisa Ebbing told us. “So you’ll see more than one brand over the next 12 months emerge.”

Milkman shares at least one characteristic with its parent label: clever, slightly saucy marketing built around a very catchy name.

In fact, the name “milkman” seems tailor-made for fantasy marketing and an endless series of slogans and sly double entendres (“The Milkman delivers …”)

In contrast, the collection itself is deliberately uncomplicated. Essential undies in basic monochrome shades called Concrete, Blond, 8-Ball and Blue Movie. Most guys will reach for Milkman simply to have that big, provocative brand name on the waistband peeking above their jeans.

Like HOTMilk itself, that name is going to start a lot of steamy conversations.

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