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Breakfast With Ari Dein
Posted by richard | July 15, 2011

Last winter we attended a soiree at the Waldorf in New York hosted by Arielle Shapiro to introduce the latest samples her achingly pretty Ari Dein lingerie and loungewear collection. It was just another night in the life of a fashion writer: quaffing free champagne and gobbling artisan chocolates while chatting with models in their jammies.

Our friends Luis (The Lingerie Journal) and Margaret (The Lingerie Diet) have put together this video interview of Arielle (in her Classic Boutique Hotel tailored jammies) over coffee and cookies in her Waldorf suite.

We’re happy to share it, since it’s a good example of how an impassioned designer-entrepreneur is often the best advertising for her own label. I know Arielle doesn’t really live at the Waldorf, and I’m sure she doesn’t wear those slick men’s-cut pajamas all the time, but it’s my illusion and I’m sticking with it.

The top photo is from Ari Dein’s new fall collection, which is now available online. And those who follow this young talent will be excited to learn that her debut swimwear collection, Sea Lion by Ari Dein, will launch in about two weeks.

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