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Beyoncé in Agent Provocateur Bridal
Posted by amy | July 8, 2011

Okay, all you summer brides: what’s on your last-minute wedding day to-do list? Fix hair and makeup? Check. Give gifts to bridesmaids? Check. Scorch your ex with a flaming pop song that includes the chorus “I bet it sucks to be you right now”? CHECK!

Of course, your last-minute burn will have much more effect if you’re wearing the $650 Penelope Basque by Agent Provocateur, which is how Beyoncé does it in the sizzling video for her new single, “Best That I Never Had”.

The seductive outfit from AP’s bridal collection is a sheer mesh masterpiece embroidered with scalloped lace and featuring a balconette bra. The only flaw in the video is that this is definitely a wedding night piece, not something meant to hold you together under your gown.

Still, AP will probably sell a truckload of these beauties thanks to Beyoncé, who could be the world’s leading lingerie model in a heartbeat if she ever wants a career change. Absolutely no one projects self-assurance like she does, even when (especially when) parading in front of a camera in her skivvies.

Below, we have a few stills from the shoot, plus the original video itself. There’s also a terrific sing-along version on YouTube of Beyoncé performing it live at Glasto last month. Watch for her exhorting the crowd to “sing it to your ex!”

And the song? Possibly the best revenge tune EVER and destined to become B’s biggest hit to date.

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